Monday, September 19, 2016

Starting to feel norm..August 21.2016

August 21.2016

This morning we woke up to Hudson waving his 1 dollar Bill in my face from the tooth fairy. 
My eyes where definitely closed and open if that's possible.
And Chris's morning started a little earlier 4:30 to help Adelaide… she Peed the bed… she has every night for a week. 
I think I might be done Night potty training for a while that is untill she's really really ready!  

Chris had his brothers and brother Inlaw come over to watch the fights. It was nice to be able to host a small party. 
We got off to church a little late I'm still trying to adjust to our new ward.
We came home and we had visitors show up uncle Jeff and Aunt lulu. 
It was fun to show them the house. 
The kids always love to have visitor.  

Then we went to my mom's and drove in the back of Chris's truck it's.. Hudson favorite thing.

We played five crowns.
And while we were their a big thunder storm came down for a good 30 minutes lightning and lots of rain. 

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