Monday, September 19, 2016

Back at it!!


 I'm hoping to get back at the blog since it has helped me remember so much in the past. It's funny how you think your going to remember but then a couple weeks go bye, a couple months and before you know it a year or so. We taught a lesson in church about journaling and I loved the lesson. It put a fire in me to start up again. 
 I loved the talk From brother Eyring  it's also been one talk that has always touched me.
So here's  to journaling again.
I think this time around Im going to try and do my journaling once a day...
  I know, why would I try to do that since I haven't been very good in the past? Well I'm hoping it will help to not over whelm me. 
We will see! 

We have gone back to school and Hudson is in first grade. I'm so excited for him but I'm terribly sad, I miss him, he is so sweet.
Preschool wasn't hard, kindergarten wasn't hard but something about first grade…I mean it's all day . The sister's and I can't wait to go get him around 3:00 I start looking at the clock. The first day home he was so excited he told me he got 3 recesses!! And a lunch. It was very exciting. I loved to hear about his day but couldn't help but wounded who did he sit by, could he find the cafeteria OK?, are all the kids nice to him?
According to him it sound and seemed wonderful.

Chris was so cute he ended up getting Hudson Star Wars and poptarts cereal for his first day back to school.
(These are just a few of the little things that make me adore chris)

Took his own lunch to school.
 I remember as a little kid when my mom would make our lunches, she always had stickers characters that were on our lunch bags. she would staple them shut and then put the stickers over the staples. Sometimes she would make smiley faces with the mustard or the honey... sometimes she would write a cute little love note... As a little girl I'd love to see what my mom was going to do that day and I always wanted it to be a surprise.

So of course that's what I had to do with Hudson I put an H for Hudson and soccer balls cause he likes soccer.

There's not a lot of cute places in our front yard right now... So this big bush will have to do for all of our upcoming pictures until we can get the yard done. 
But who's looking at the yard... look at that face.

My mom took the girls so that I could go up and spend one-on-one time with Hudson as I dropped him off for his first day of school.
(Thanks mom)

So as Hudson was at his first day of school the girls and I went to grandma ladies and played...
 they played princesses and babies.
 what more could I ask for.

We went Home and I made alphabet chicken nuggets for the girls.

I Decided that it would be really fun for Hudson to come home to some cookies baked.

If you ask me it was a pretty good first day of school! 

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