Tuesday, September 6, 2016


We went on a run today it's nice to get back to a routine that makes me happy.
I've noticed that a routine might be robotic but robotic makes me a much nicer person.
Me and the girls ran Hudson up to school and then afterwards we went on a run and landed at the park which the girls of course made friends with all the kids and dogs at the park, not letting one slip through there fingers. (Ice the Dalmatian dog) has been spotted twice in a row I'm afraid the girls are going to start asking for a dog. We came home and did our daily chores, naps. Then I went up to go and get Hudson as I was passing Aunt sherry's House I saw his little friend Olivia go past me. Soon I saw green helmet coming down the way and a wobbly bike (he wobbles his bike more when he  pedals faster) I love that he felt proud of himself for making all the way down to the house by himself (but I'd be kidding myself if I wasn't terrified the whole entire time untill I saw his cute little face.)" Good job HP!"
 Came home and did our first homework paper and practice spelling words by that time Chris had came home and we ready to eat dinner at 6 o'clock… Did I mention that I love being on a schedule! Afterwards we let the kids choose a walk in the neighborhood or Pictionary game we went on a walk… And found more dogs… I'm in trouble.

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