Tuesday, November 3, 2015

July 2015

Lunch at the park with the wasps... lunch ended sooner with those pesky wasps. 

Our little mail Lady

Sometimes this is all we need...Date night out on the swing.

July 28-2015 

My 30th birthday was good thank you mother-in-law decorated her house.
We went over to my moms for breakfast and then later that day we went to the movie inside out

planting Pumkins 

HP 6th Birthday Party
This little boy loves the robots everything could be robots and he would be a happy camper.
We started a new tradition this year instead of going a whole day without celebrating a birthday to the birthday party.
We decided that we would take our kids and they would pick out their own present.
Hopefully this makes them feel more special and the day seems like it's not just celebrated in one evening.
Grandma and grandpa Olson came over for their traditional big Texas donut… 
They just know how to make kids feel special.

So the new tradition starts.
What I loved about this is was watching the other 
siblings get excited for Hudson to pick out his present.
Adeladie didn't throw a fit, act jealous or act disappointed which is very unusual for her.
She did get very excited for this little hair chair and even sat in it. LOL.

Looking for the right one.

Happy birthday my cutie. 
I love you you're so caring, thoughtful, happy and funny!

Party is that night and Aunt Brianna made him his robot cake.
They went swimming while grandma lady and I stayed and put the party together.

Bubbles in the rain 

Front door light

My favorite part about these pictures are how Hudson looks at his Arilla he is so cute with both of them and I just love him for that.

First perm 

This little cutie/beast wanted her ice cream and we couldn't take it away from her without her screaming louder than the fireworks.

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