Tuesday, November 3, 2015

August 2015

August iPhone update....

I love this tradition... back to school night with my in-laws. 
They're so cute they dress up like the lunch people and service on lunch trays and serve lunch food. The best way to greet the kids back to school.
Things Jan and Gordon for making back to school so fun!

Welcome to the family silver.


This is a picture of silver that Hudson Drew.

My view when I am making dinner.

I think this was Arilla's first naughty thing, Chris and I were talking and we kept hearing Arilla in the pantry/closet.
 when I went to go and look she had gluten-free waffle powder all over her!

She looks like our little baby Baker

He always makes me laugh!

August 7 we celebrated our 11 year anniversary.
To St. George mean festival. 
Then went to the carousel. 
The next morning we went to Witten while. 
Then we went down to the Bellagio you see all the pretty flowers in their lobby.
And we went and listen to Elder Bednarz speak at our stake conference which was amazing

Girls into their wellness check up and some shots they did great.
Hudson ready for kindergarten didn't know he needed shots ...oops
Chris had to work or go to school so I had to take all three kids by myself.
It wasn't so bad.
Allie was so funny she asked the nurses what they were doing and they told her they were going to give her a shot she wasn't the slightest bit worried about it.

My view when I go running in the mornings I love it.

Hutson wanted to do some chores so that he can earn a robot. 
He did a really good job and earned the robot

8-20-2015 Hudson first day to kindergarten 

Arilla in her kitty towel 
 Adelaide in the tub.

Having one-on-one with my kids.
Is Heaven!

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