Tuesday, November 3, 2015

10-9-2015 Arilla Drawing

Arilla Drawing 

september 2015

Morning HAIR!!

Lunch time light 
I love this light that hits my kids at lunchtime their eyelashes grow their cute little profile is my favorite. 

Chris and the kids playing soccer
This is what life is all about I love watching the kids get excited forgot to come home I love playing soccer with him. 
Maybe its Because he doesn't take it easy on them. 
Adelaide must've not been getting her way.

Hudson Hanging out with Grandpa L in the Garage. 
This means more to me than anything I love these pictures. It seems like every time they go work out in the garage I hear it and love it but don't think to go take pictures I'm so glad I finally did this day.
My grandpa is so cute with Hudson and my kids they have a special bond and I love it.

Lunch time with the kids