Tuesday, August 18, 2015

JULY 2014

ART-FULL Morning... 


My 29th Birthday 
My mother in law is always a doll, she comes and decorates the house my car every year.

Chris knows how much I'm not a fan of my birthday.
 So he always makes a big deal.
This year he got me a My little pony piñata. 
We all had way too much fun hitting the piñata.

Chris's face kills me in these pictures, He got way into character.
Maybe that's why the kids are always thinking he is funnier.

"Arilla The Pirate BOW BABY"
Why do we even bother putting bows on babies, this is how the end up almost 90% of the time.

Hudson's birthday was a blast. 
Grandma lady and Papa Mark came over that morning and brought Hudson a big Texas donut with chocolate and strawberry milk.
I mean how cool is that!

The best part about this 5 year olds birthday was ... 
How much Hudson wanted a Halloween Birthday party.
Is he my son... or is he my son.

So that's exactly what he got.
We are so fortunate to live around family that love Hudson and 
support his Halloween addiction.
Everyone came dressed up. 
And made his Halloween birthday party even better.

Adelaide's Bedhead Hair!

Arilla's Baby blessing Day was a sweet and heavenly HOT day! 
Pappa Mark bought this sweet baby her blessing dress. 
I always feel so much of our importance here on earth after I have a baby. 
They always remind me why I'm here as a Mother and why it's important to always be a good example to them. 
They come to us with such trust and such calmness and a sweetness like nothing else in this world! 
I truly thank my heavenly father ever so much for giving me the gift to be a mother! 
I especially do even more after every baby!!

 As good as our generation picture is going to get!

 Families our truly the best!
 My LITTLE family... 
to some they may think three kids is enough but I say NO WAY!!!

 I'm truly blessed to have married this man. 
I'm so grateful that he has been able to bless everyone of our children, that He holds the Priesthood and that we share the same wants for our children in the church and outside of the church!

Thank you sweet pea Arilla for choosing us to be your parents & family. 
You make us that much more whole!!

*Fourth of JULY 2014*
I love the forth!

It was Arilla's first 4th of July. 
And ours first as a family of five.

Oh miss Adelaide is alway in her own little world. 

Nothing like some Pizza & Root Beer Floats for the Fourth. 

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