Saturday, August 22, 2015

December 2014

New Year's Eve was really fun this year we got together with Chris Brothers Played games.
 let the kids play/sleepover. (until 12:30 that is)
It was super chill and we loved it.

For it to snow on New Year's eve in St. George was amazing!!

I could've done this all night!!

A staycation at the Olson's
While my mom, Mark and the kids went to San Felipe, Mexico 
we babysat the house.
It was fun to baby sit a house bigger than mine but It was also torture.
Don't get me wrong I love my house and my little tiny apartment… I truly do, but a fenced in backyard would be nice.

Christmas morning!
Nothing is better than Christmas morning, I love the music, I love the smell,
 I love the quietness before the kids wake up.

christmas eve at the Olson's

Chrismas eve at the Heward House. 

Are morning bottle times. 
Are the best, I'm not sure if it's for her and for me but I love it.
It's like my yoga.

oh miss Adelaide why oh are you always making me laugh with all your faces!

Our family Las Vegas Christmas party. 
I really don't know why we still call it the Las Vegas Christmas party, Maybe it's because we celebrating it with all of our Vegas family, 
even though we have been celebrating it up here for a couple of years now and not in Vegas anymore. Any who we still love calling it the Vegas Christmas party.

peek-a-booo i love you!

foggy mornings makes me feel like I'm on a farm.
so i'll just imagine i am. (Aghhhh)

ward christmas party.
It doesn't look like it in the photo with my kids  but I threw my back out at the Ward Christmas party.
The tables were filed so closely and Arilla was just getting too heavy in her car seat.

making play dough for cousin scoti's birthday!

i love these sweet moments.

christmas wreath, painting fingers and making bracelets. 

gift from Aunt kelsey from her honeymoon.

Also it's that time of the year to help put up grandma's christmas tree, 
it has become our little tradition to go in and help with grams 
christmas decor. 

Hudson with grandma and grandpa Laidlaw's train. 
This is what he looks forward to the most around Christmas time.

santa is intown.

on a whim we diced it was time... time to price Arilla's ears. 

Gingerbread/ Ginger bread train... making with grandma and grandpa Olson.

Jeremy being an awesome uncle!

Assemble time.

We also made a gingerbread house at grandma and grandpa Heward's the next night. 
And this is what we have to show for it.
I think next year we just need to make a village of gingerbread houses I love them.

peppermint and the christmas tree.

It's that time of year again where we put up our Christmas tree…… actually peppermint does.

the kids bedroom tree.
We let the kids go to Store and pick out their own ornaments and tree for the room.
Surprise, surprise Hudson picked robots.

Our family Christmas tree.

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