Friday, June 5, 2015

June 2014



It was really fun/boring-ish to go to the Balloon fest. 
I mean don't get me wrong it was a new experience & Lovely company but when we got to Panguitch. 
There wasn't a lot to do... luckily they had a bounce house before the balloons went up.
(that saved our sanity) 
My Favorite part was seeing the old building structures, they brick and different materials.  
It was so fun.  

This little sweet heart was so good the entire time.
 We even feed her in public... 
(under a cover of course but that's a big step for me!)
The kids played with moths while I got grossed out! 

The balloons stared going up!
It was really neat to see how they did it. 
A lot of the balloon people seemed to work in teams. 
I'm not sure but I don't think they can do it them selves? 

We found a familiar family face up in Panguitch...Uncle Jim sitting in his chair, enjoying the hustle and bustle.