Sunday, July 20, 2014

My phone pictures#2

^^ December 4-2013 ^^
Grandpa Laidlaw wanted us to get his train out for Hudson, so that's just what we did!

^^ December 1-2013 ^^
Peppermint (Our Elf on a Shelf) is back and he is always sweet to put the tree up for me! He had to re-wrap the tree with light cause they were broken.

^^ November 28-2013 ^^
He Loves taking pictures with our phones.

^^ November 26, 2013^^

^^ November 24-2013^^
Grandma Lady and Papa Mark have the best leaves around!
Can you spot the kitty bum in the leaves?

^^November 23-2013^^
Admiring the new Decor.
Poor tired Daddy.
A little night gazing before bed.  

^^ November 22-2103 ^^
So fresh and so clean.

^^November 21-2013^^
Putting Fall away and putting Christmas up.
I also found something that didn't belong.
Hudson came down from a nap and said, "Mom look the snowman has a hat". I found this out after asking Chris in a text if he had done it and was trying to be funny!

^^Noveber 17-2013^^
Miss Cool.

^^ November 16-2013^^
Adelaide loves sitting in any basket small, big, it doesn't seem to phase this little chunky girl.

^^ November 13-2013^^
 So we had an appointment schedule a day or two before Thanksgiving, but Hudson was complaining about his teeth hurting so I called to see if they could get him in sooner. They had an opening for that Wednesday up in the Cedar City office if we wanted that. I said, "Yes!" and we went up there early in the morning. It was awful, I felt so bad that my baby boy had to go do that and it was my fault. His perfect teeth would have silver caps and I felt awful. He was pretty funny coming out of sedation and he thought his silver teeth were pretty cool.   

^^ November 11-2013 ^^
Daddy Snuggles make this girl really happy. Adelaide LOVES BOOKS!
It's so fun to see her love books at a younger age then Hudson.
The kids had a dentist appointment. We thought we would go and have maybe one or two cavities since we brush Hudson's teeth every night, but we were so wrong. Eight cavities! Eight!!!
He had to be sedated to get all the work done.

^^ November 9-10-2013 ^^
She makes us laugh! She loved those toes for awhile. Who wouldn't love playing in the bath with brother's trains and not having them taken away?

^^November 8-2013^^
Putting Halloween away we were all really sad to see it go.
 We went out for Megan's Birthday it was a blast.

^^ November 8-2013 ^^
All a board the chop chop train.

^^ November 7 -2013 ^^
Nothing tickles my heart more then Adelaide's toes turned in towards each other.
Plus daddy gets a pile of toys on his face when he should be playing NOT SLEEPING. 

^^ November 6-2013 ^^
Hudson got him self dressed!

^^ November 4 -2013 ^^
The side yard tree gives us the best play leaf pile.

^^ November 3-2014 ^^
I haven't told you on Halloween day I went to go get my camera out of my car and couldn't find it anywhere. Chris was convinced I miss placed it and I knew I hadn't.
 My stomach was sick.
 I lost pictures that I'll never get back and I lost 3,000 dollars worth of camera equipment.
 IT SUCKED!! Hard lesson!!
So I started thinking of anything and everything I could sell to repurchase a camera.
 I couldn't go through the holidays not  having a camera.
Plus since I had been using a professional camera for so long I couldn't even handle buying a point and shoot.
You might as well shoot me.
I had more then this to sell off but in the end I didn't sell any of it but the jogging stroller!
I then bought a new camera in December.
Same brand and model type.
(Thank you Chris!!!)

^^ November 3-2013 ^^
"Mom look Hudson has a big eyeball."

^^ November 1-2013 ^^
Adelaide is a naughty little girl! She is always up to something!

^^ October 31-2013 ^^
Hudson and Miss Christina
at preschool.
We went as the Beetle Juice movie.
It was a lot of fun and a lot of work. I made Chris and I's masks,
 it took 4 days straight...ugh.

^^ October -28-30-2013 ^^
The Heward Family Halloween Party...
I didn't want to dress up in our costumes so Chris and
I went as a Black and White Movie couple. It was so easy and fun. I think that's what I would like to do this next year and the years after that.
Super Easy and FUN!!!
Hudson went as a Robot and Adelaide went as a Raider's Fan!!
Jan always knows how to throw a party.


^^ October 27-2013 ^^
The Olson Halloween Party
I love this Halloween Party with my family. It's where we do our pumpkin carvings!! 

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