Sunday, July 20, 2014

My phone pictures...#1

^^^ Mac and Cheese please!!! Trying to sit at the big table to eat. ^^^

^^ October 26-2013 ^^
^^^ Happy Girl!!! ^^^

^^ October 23-2013 ^^
^^^ Hudson- "Adelaide ate too much candy!"
Also that day Chris decide to share our pregnancy news with the Instagram world and Adelaide giving Dada loves.^^^

^^^ Fight Night with this cutie ^^^

^^ October 20 -2013 ^^
^^^A little sneak peek into Adelaide's First day of Nursery.
 She loved it, and so far we have been lucky with our kids when it comes to Nursery.
They actually cry when we drive by the church cause they want to go so bad.^^^

^^^ This little girl LOVED the bananas! She even tried wearing them. ^^^

^^^ Ohh GUCKIES {Duckies} ^^^

^^ October 16-17-2013 ^^
^^^ First Ultra Sound and Heartbeat we went with the kids and well.... we went with the kids.^^^

^^ October 14-15-2013 ^^
^^^ Chris Got this for HP so he could wake up to Halloween cereal!^^^

^^ October 12-13-2013 ^^
^^^ Girlfriend Get Away to Vegas.
I've never been able to go cause either Chris has school tests coming up or he has to work but he knew how bad I wanted to go so he made sure he had work off and no other plans, plus he put a little money away for me.
Seriously could I be any luckier?
 It was a lot of fun and I had a pregnant buddy KATE.
I was so happy to hear that since I was only a few weeks into my pregnancy and that usually means TIRED  PREGO and I didn't want to be the only tired girl there. ^^^

^^ October 6-2013 ^^
^^^ Someone likes to eat Glittery Pumkins while we watching October's General Conference. While the other one plays with PLAY DOUGH  ^^^ 

^^^ Mom this is my Cal or bone. ^^^ 

^^ October 2-3-2013 ^^
^^^ Practicing writing "HUDSON'S" name proud mama moment^^^

^^ October 1-2013 ^^
^^^This was suppose to be a joke when Chris did HP's hair like this. I laughed and said nice try but now I realize this is how we do it.
It's crazy how styles make a full turn around!!^^^

^^ September 29-2013 ^^
^^^So when your running late to church and realized you haven't ironed your son's church shirt, "Cause who iron these days"? Then you bust out your flat iron and it gets the job done!!!
 THE MOTHER ROOM!! This was my go to place when I would got to church by myself. Chris worked Sundays, so it would get a little frustrating going by myself. Can they make a play room for those mom's that have to hang out in the halls with there 9-17 month old babies! It would make things a lot easier until they turned 18 months, but look how cute. ^^^

^^^Everyone needs a outlining of themselves and Adelaide is the girl to do this.^^^ 

^^^ A little outside Chalk Time.
Hudson told me that this was a scare crow. ^^^

^^^ Uncle Matt sent these pants to Adelaide. We think he has great taste. ^^^

^^^ Fractured Prune!!
When this place opened I thought why would they name it that? I had like 5 of my own names ready just in case they were taking name changing votes, but when we went, they had the story of how the name came to be and I loved it. So Fractured Prune it is. ^^^

^^ September 27-2013 ^^
^^^ Swiss Days Cows^^^

^^ September 25-2013 ^^
^^^ One of the reasons why I love living downtown ^^^

^^^ Who knew a Doctors appointment would turn into a date for me and my hunny.
Blood work can be fun I promise, just take your hubby and have NO kids with you. ^^^ 

^^^ Nothing like our nightly routine ^^^

^^ September 23-25-2013 ^^
^^^ Park Date...With this little Lady^^^

^^ September 22-2013 ^^
^^^ HP is a little obsessed with Halloween.
We made some Halloween masks up at the cabin and Hudson loved them so much he HAD to sleep with them. Miss Adelaide giving out some kiss, I'll never pass those up. ^^^

^^September 20-2013^^
This time we went up with Chris.
I love that Mikey's parents share their cabin with us.
This is one of the things I look forward to in the Fall.
It's like a beach house but for the Fall.
On our way up there we got a little lost but an hour later we were on the right track.
Because we took a scenic route. We had to get gas when we got into town.
This still gives me the giggles.
I couldn't figure out how to get the gas to pump, like forever.
 When I finally did, it was on a generator or something cause it made so much noise and took 10 min. to fill up.
( Technology is great).

^^September 19, 2013^^ 
We found out we were pregnant.
This wasn't exactly planned.
We thought it would take two and half years again.
 That's how long it took us with Adelaide,
but Heavenly Father has a different plan.

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