Sunday, July 20, 2014

My phone pictures #3

This is a picture of me when I was little and a picture of Adelaide around the same age. I call her my mini me!

^^ Lunch time outside^^
^^ April 28-29-2014 ^^
Hudson helping me get Adelaide's ice cream cone party together before baby comes.  

^^ April 27-2014 ^^
We love snuggies in our house, but nothing melts this Mamma's heart more then when Adelaide rubs my face with her little hand. She is the only one I don't mind touching my face!
^^ april22-25-2014 ^^
So at the end of the pregnancy I figured out my cravings, they were yogurt and sugar cones.
 I had 12 of these in one night "NO SHAME."
Ok maybe a little! 

I like taking pictures of wear I put things in my house so I don't have to take a lot of time the next year when I put it back up or so I can see somethings I might want to change the next time.
 I get this from my Momma!
Just call us CRAZY!!!
We don't mind!
^^ April21-2014 ^^
To make changes for our living arrangement, we took our bed out of the upstairs and put a Couch Bed downstairs for the last year of school.
 So far it's working out great!!
I was trying to make up my mind on wheither it was going to be white or gray.
 We went with gray.

^^ April 19-20-2014 ^^
Easter Morning!
Believe it or not this was probably my first Easter Sunday actually going to church, it was nice. You really feel the spirit more!
^^ April15-2014 ^^
A nice Spring day for some tickles and tricks!

^^ April 14-2014 ^^
Nothing like a scary selfie to make this girl feel special!
^^ April 13-2014 ^^
So we went to Baby Ella's Blessing and we had all the kids sitting by each other (not a good idea), and the only thing to keep them quiet was to give them stickers.
 So a sticker for everyone, baby Ella and baby Arilla on Mom's tummy, plus after church apparel is the best in my house... underwear and socks, I think I have a lot of years of this! lol!! 
^^ April 12-2014 ^^
Still loving my hair color... Why couldn't  I have been a natural Red Head?
It would have made my job of coloring my hair a lot easier. 
^^ April 10-2014 ^^
 So it was getting near the end of my pregnancy and I kept waking up at the same time every night with acid reflux, hurting hips and aching back.
 It was not fun!!!
Then to have my kid O's come down at 6:00 in the morning aghhh!
^^ April 6-7-2014 ^^
^^ April 5-2014 ^^
So I couldn't take the downstairs closet any longer.
I'm not sure if it was me being pregnant and couldn't hardly fit in there anymore that made me decide I need to change this, but it didn't take me long to rip things out of there and make something happen. Chris usually comes home to a unexpected project that he is bugged about it at first then likes it when we're all done.
This project was liberating.
This space in our house is our pantry, office,
 storage and anything else.
It's very narrow and long so it makes it a little challenging.
 After searching for hours on Pinterest for small space organizing, I ignored it all and I did what was best for our small space.
Some days I think I should rename our family blog to "A NYC apartment in St.George UTAH" cause a lot of time I research apartments in New York to see how they organize their space since my apartment is 600 square feet.
But here is my before and afters.
I wish I would have done this along time ago. 
^^ April 4-2014 ^^
Loves for the Baby bump!

^^ March 31-2014 ^^
I'm not sure who is pregnant in these pictures me or Chris! We were so excited that our baby wrap came! Then we celebrated Uncle Cade's Birthday. 
^^ March 30-2014 ^^
So a lot of family came in for my Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary.
After the party was over we decided it shouldn't stop there, so we stayed out until 3 in the morning writing on cars and what was suppose to be a toilet paper party ended up just writing on the cars.
 I think that's what happens when your an adult trying to do a teen thing your conscious playes games on you.
 Darn... We all had good intention to toilet paper someone really good.
 Did I mention my cute hubby stayed home with the kids so I could go play like a teen with my awesome cousins.
P.S. I was 8 months prego while doing this shenanigan!
Cecelia, Lincoln, Kelsey, Stephen and myself that's everyone that came. 
^^ March 28--2014 ^^
Painting the cutest toes and fingers I have ever seen!!!!
^^ March 27-2014 ^^
LOVED Asparagus in this pregnancy.
Found a lemon sauce at Harmon's that was to die for. 
^^ March 25-2014 ^^
Not very often do I like pictures of myself, but this was is an exception.
A little ditch water party!!!!
^^ March 24-2014 ^^
Family date night.
^^ March 23-2014 ^^
It was Aunt Linsie's Birthday. This girl is awesome! I'm glad to call her my sister. Plus my Mom knows how to throw an awesome B-Day Party.^^
^^ March 21-23-2014 ^^
The Car Wash. 
^^ March 19-201-2014 ^^
A little prego craving: yogurt, Kix and apples. Yummy!!!
Baby bump picture and the kids watching Mom get ready for work under the vanity. 

^^ March 18-2014 ^^
 We had a little leprechaun dinner. Everything was green
Hudson wanted to know what a leprechaun looks like, so I googled him and picked the nicest looking one and this is what we found.
^^ March 17-2014 ^^
 A little Spring cleaning, nesting or not nesting I would've wanted to do this! 
^^ March16-2014 ^^
 We went to Gunlock to switch things up.
The kids had been sick, so we didn't go to church.

^^Hannah kinda looks like Princess Sophia^^

^^ March 12-14-16-2014 ^^ 
We had lots of cousin fun over Spring Break. Finding snakes to Costco to riding on tractors. We were also sad to see it and it felt like it went by way too fast. A week was just not long enough.

^^ March 10-2014 ^^
^^^We made a quick trip to Las Vegas to pick Megan, Camron and Hannah up from the airport. On are way down the traffic was horrible and on our way home too. But before we went home we stopped at my favorite Mexican restaurant on the Strip and guess who was there?
Carrot Top!!! I didn't want to get a picture of him, but Megan did.
So as I went to the bathroom she snapped a picture.^^^

^^^ Brother and Sisterly LOVE^^^
^^ March 8-9-2014 ^^
^^^Chris went snowboarding and Hudson tried on the board and was acting crazy any goofy.
He loved that board.
 I wish I had one all year round, I think it would entertain him for hours.^^^

^^ March 7-2014 ^^
Oooh, I was able to be there for this little girl's birth to take pictures.
 I love what I do and I love that I was able to be apart of this one and her sister's birth.

^^^ Hudson made a crazy hat at preschool for The Cat in The Hat Day!
He wore this thing 3 days in a row and when he was dropped of at school the next day, Chris said that his teacher gave a look like "Why are you wearing that again?"^^^

^^ March 3-2014 ^^
^^^It's like she is saying why must we be here Mom... but really she was just proud of herself for putting on her headband by herself.^^^

^^ March 2-2014 ^^
^^^ Sunday best with a kiss^^^

^^ February 24-2014 ^^
^^^ Hot Hubby. Toy mess. I tried to put the kid's bedroom together and finish up the picture wall. While the little ones added more to the toy mess,  I bought a new rug from TJ Maxx for the kid's room that I eventually took out cause it was made out of seaweed grass, which ended up on everything it was worse then having a cat. ^^^

^^ February 23-2014 ^^
^^^ 26 and a half weeks ^^^

^^ February 21-2014 ^^

^^ February 16-2014 ^^
^^ February 14-2014 ^^
^^^Valentine's Day we went and made cookies at Cousin Scoti's and the girls helped each other out with trying on shoes and we took selfies to send to Dad.^^^
^^ February 9-2014 ^^
Hudson would talk to Arilla in my tummy and ask her if she liked the color green or if she loved him, if she was happy, he would then ask me if she kicked.
 I told him one day after he asked her a question that she kicked,
 so from then on he would ask if she kicked after every question.^^^
^^ February 8-2014 ^^
^^^ This is what a day can look like for me...
Loves and snuggles...
Dress ups...
Funny faces....
A little throw up...
More dress ups.^^^  
^^ February 5-2014 ^^
^^^ I loved my early Valentine Flowers from my secret admirer.^^^
^^ February 3-2014 ^^
^^^Colored my hair a little late that day and had to take HP to preschool.
No shame I'm a hair dresser, just keeping it real.
I really liked the top left girl's hair color so that's the color I did.
 I thought it turned out pretty good.^^^

^^^We went over to my Mom's for the Super Bowl.
I also wore my pants the wrong way, told you it was a long Sunday.^^^
^^ February 2-2014 ^^
^^^ This is what I call pregnancy brain.
 Putting my straw in the two liter bottle with my cup lid on the bottle.
It was a long Sunday! ^^^
^^ February 1-2014 ^^
^^^ She thinks she can do everything her self!!^^^ 
^^ January 31-2014 ^^
^^^This little girl thought she needed to go potty everytime anyone else got done with the bathroom.
 I really thought she might potty train herself. She was telling us everytime before she went and would hold it until we got the stool out and pulled her diaper off and sat her up on the toilet.
She would hold it the whole time.
But we didn't push it cause of the baby coming. I didn't want her to revert back after the baby was born.
So potty training will come later on in the Fall after the baby is born.^^^

^^^ This new little baby hasn't been nice to my body.
The bottom picture is a blood vein after it popped.
I made lists and lists of Before baby comes.
The dresser I bought and then I painted it white to match the other furniture in the kid's bedroom.
We have five dressers in our bedroom.
That's a lot of dressers!^^^  

^^^ Before I packed our bedroom stuff away and made the bedroom into just a kid zone,
 I took some photos to remember what it looked like.
So one day I can show the kids how we lived.^^^ 
^^ January29-2014 ^^
^^^ Morning doggie pile on the bed.^^^

^^ January25-2014 ^^
^^^Hudson has OCD. Adelaide has no OCD.^^^
^^ January 24-2014 ^^
^^^Adelaide has really grown fond of Woody and  loves playing with her baby dolls.
I found her shhhh-ing them and putting them to bed.
What a good Momma.^^^
^^ January 22-2014 ^^
^^^ Children's Museum with the cousins.^^^

^^ January 18-20 -2014 ^^
^^^ She melts me.
Hudson took a lot of selfies.
And we got a surprise visit from Uncle Matt.^^^
^^^ This is my favorite picture. Grandma Lady taking Adelaide for a spin in the wheelchair.^^
^^ January15-2014 ^^
^^^ We spent a lot of time at the next door neighbor's (Grandma and Grandpa Laidlaws) house after my Grandma's fall.
There was always a visitor.
One night Aunt Lora let HP brush her hair
 with a round brush and well, it took me 5 minutes to get it out.
Lets just say I'm hoping my girls are better with a brush then him.
He's not a future hair dresser! ^^^

^^ January12-2014 ^^
^^^Lets go feed the ducks.^^^

^^ January 8-10-2014 ^^

^^^ "Mamma kiss"
I went on a Costco run and I got the best merchandise it's called Hudson and Adelaide in a box.
I was at my Grandma's house and found a metal plaque with a love note to my Grandma dated
 March 26, 1978 for their Anniversary.
 I love my Grandpa so much.^^^

^^ January 7-2014 ^^
^^^My sweet 3 Kids.
We had an ultra sound done.
The kids love looking out the big window upstairs and
they actually hugged each other and got along!!^^^
^^ January 5-2014 ^^
^^^A little pre dress up before church is always fun.
Hudson even wanted to try them on.
With all the girls in his life do you blame him?^^^

^^ January 4-2014 ^^
^^^Playing at the other Heward's house is always a lot of fun.^^^

^^ January 2-2014 ^^
^^^ Adelaide put her cereal in the sink... train them young I always say.
We also are trying to make the apartment work for us as long as we can,
 so we went sofa sleeper looking.
So that we can sleep down stairs and the kids can be upstairs.
 If I had to buy one, this was the cutest one to me.
I liked the Dark gray couch with the zebra pillows. ^^^
^^ January 1-2014 ^^
^^^ Went for a walk to the college with the kids.
Chris and I match with out even trying.^^^

^^ Dec 29-2013 ^^
^^^ Hudson being silly in the leaves.^^^
^^ Dec 28-2013 ^^
^^^ It was Chris's 32 Birthday.
We went bowling and ate at the Golden Coral for dinner.
It was a small but nice Birthday!!
Adelaide made bowling a little hard but we managed to get the game done.^^^

^^ Dec 27-2013 ^^
^^^ "COOOKIE" and a little visit to Dad at work. Nothing like being stuffed in a locker. ^^^
^^ Dec 27-2013 ^^
^^^ Those fingers must have a special taste to them only when she puts them in her mouth.
Cause she likes them to much to be plain. ^^^
^^ Dec 22-2013 ^^
^^^Sunday Breakfast, french toast, eggs, Cuties and Dada kisses.

                                                                   ^^ Dec 21-2013 ^^ 
                                        ^^^ It was cousin Scoti's Birthday so we went to her house to party! 
                                               They had so much fun in the bounce house, with Santa and watching her                                                        open all of her fun gifts.

      ^^ Dec16-18-2014 ^^
^^^ We went on a family date to see Santa, The temple and out to eat.
When we went to see Santa we had to wait, so we went to go play with the trains at Barns and Noble.
When we finally did get to see the Big Guy in the Red Suit it was a little traumatic for one. Hudson loved it!!!^^^

^^ Dec-14-2013 ^^
^^^ This freakin tree... I had to wrap it with new lights three times this year so much for prelight trees.
The first picture is after it was all done but before it was all done,
 I had to run to Walmart twice cause the first batch was broken. I had to go on a Sunday night cause I told Hudson that Peppermint was probably coming to set our tree up that night.
 Since Hudson was so upset that we didn't put it up when we put all the Christmas up.
 I came downstairs after a shower one morning and found two stupid things on the floor^^^

^^ Dec15-2013 ^^
^^^Church buddies. The kids actually did pretty well^^^

^^ Dec14 2013 ^^
^^^ A little Target run turns into some fun. Making the piggies pretty. ^^^

^^^ The morning after the snow we had to get over to the Heward's church cause Uncle Connor was reporting his Mexico Mission.
Most of the churches were canceled due to the snow only a few weren't.
St.George is not equipt for that much snow.
It was quite scary, we just aren't use to that much snow and ice.^^^

^^ Dec 4-5-2014 ^^
^^^ I can't believe how much snow we got this year.
It was so magical.
We really had fun we staying up with the kids until 10:30pm playing in it.
The snow kept the street pretty well lit.
It was fun cause all the neighbors and kids were out on the streets.
It just made it even more fun.
Hudson and Adelaide couldn't get enough they both loved it!^^^

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