Sunday, July 20, 2014

May 2014

After every baby I always think what did we do with out this one?
Arilla is no exception to that.
What did we do without this sweet spirit in our home?
I have a saying that I've always loved, it said something like hold a baby to know what heaven feels like. 
I feel that way.
They come with such peace, they remind you why we are truly here and how special we are to be there parents!

Sister bonding... I'm loving this. 
I can't wait to see them get closer and closer over time. 

Arilla's First Bath
It was a family affair.
The kids thought it was so cute and funny to see Arilla getting a bath. 
Arilla didn't love her bath as much as my other two, but she is learning to like it. 

Adelaide's 2nd Birthday.
She had an Ice Cream Party. 
I was so excited to do this party.
 I had been planing it back in November. 
Thinking of ideas on what to do. 
She is in a stage where she doesn't really like anything but only what her brother likes, but that was until "Frozen" came along and then by the time I realized she LOVED Frozen, it was too late to do a Frozen party. 
This girl 

May--22--2014 Dada Snuggles with Arilla.

Hudson's Preschool Graduation. 
He was so excited for us to come. He kept asking when it was going to be his parade day. He wanted all of his family to come: Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts and Uncles.


Helping Grandpa with the sprinklers. These are just some of the perks of living next to Grandpa and Grandma .
My kids getting close to them.

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