Monday, April 14, 2014

July is wear its at part 4!


I turned 28 on 28. 
It was my GOLDEN Birthday. 
It was fun! We had a Fiesta Party.
 My Mom was so CUTE, she even made me my own GLUTEN FREE cake. 
We played Pin the Tail on the Donkey and hit the Piñata!
Plus we always love throwing the wrapping paper at each other. 

 Adelaide kills me she started putting the bags over her head.
Where did she come from?

  I think Hudson was the best present of all.
Hudson fit in the Box.

You have to make every candle count as you get older.
So that's why you take an extra deep breath to blow them out. 

We may have or may have not been watching  "Americas Next Top Model" around this time... or not?
If we were, I think Tyra would have been please with our pictures.

That's a wrap for our month of July.
It's one of our busy month,s but we love *JULY*

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