Monday, April 14, 2014

July is wear its at part 2....

Another pool day.
We love being outside and we love our little pools. 

Lookin good GIRRRRL.
Look at that Ghetto Booty.

Lets just say, I think this is the way all babes should swim when the street is close.
 It weighs them down so they can't move as FAST. 

This is what I call a perfect day in my little world. 
We aren't use to having Dad  home with us when he is in school.
Since he was home for the day, we needed to make it a little more fun and special.
 So we went to the shaved ice place in Smith's parking lot and got snow cones. We ate them there since they were melting so fast!
 We went home and watch a storm roll in. It was so pretty one half of St.George was sunny and the other half was purple/gray dark clouds!
 I wish every day could be as perfect as this day. 

                                                                       The perfect day....

Hudson got a Birthday package in the mail from Scoti, Aunt Mikey and Uncle Chad . Hudson was so excited to open it, but the mean Mom I am, told him he needed to wait for his Birthday.  

We meet up with Arlee and her cute family at The Lunch Box. 
After eating, we went back to my house for a few pictures. 
 The girls got to meet and play for a moment. 
It was fun to meet Arlee's little girl and her Husband. I'm so happy for her.
Her little girl is darling.  

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