Monday, April 14, 2014

July is wear its at part 4!


I turned 28 on 28. 
It was my GOLDEN Birthday. 
It was fun! We had a Fiesta Party.
 My Mom was so CUTE, she even made me my own GLUTEN FREE cake. 
We played Pin the Tail on the Donkey and hit the PiƱata!
Plus we always love throwing the wrapping paper at each other. 

 Adelaide kills me she started putting the bags over her head.
Where did she come from?

  I think Hudson was the best present of all.
Hudson fit in the Box.

You have to make every candle count as you get older.
So that's why you take an extra deep breath to blow them out. 

We may have or may have not been watching  "Americas Next Top Model" around this time... or not?
If we were, I think Tyra would have been please with our pictures.

That's a wrap for our month of July.
It's one of our busy month,s but we love *JULY*

July is wear its at part 3...

HP's 4th Birthday!
He woke up to his favorite cookie cereal. 
He loved the Balloons more then I thought he would :)

He could hardly wait for his party to start, asking every hour if it was still his Birthday and when were all the Grandma's coming over? LOL ;) 
Isn't that the cutest!!!

 Everyone had to get their loot
for some mighty "Arghhh" fine pictures.

This is when the real party started. 

 Then he got to open his mail package from Scoti, Aunt Mikey and Uncle Chad. 
He loved everything everyone got him.
 We got him a strider bike thinking he would love it, but oh was I wrong. 
He tried it twice!!
Thank goodness I didn't get him a color I thought he would like and I just got a gender one. 

 Pirates Love cake. 
Especially this Pirate Birthday Boy . 


 Oops someone only know how to eat cake like a pirate.  
 The party goers. 
Are off to watch the Fire Works, since this Captain was born on Pioneer's Day.

That's going to be my leverage as long as I can.
 He only gets Fire Works if you live in Utah or maybe I'll tell him here in St.George until I have to say Utah. 
"Thanks Tyler for the fun Fire Works."

July is wear its at part 2....

Another pool day.
We love being outside and we love our little pools. 

Lookin good GIRRRRL.
Look at that Ghetto Booty.

Lets just say, I think this is the way all babes should swim when the street is close.
 It weighs them down so they can't move as FAST. 

This is what I call a perfect day in my little world. 
We aren't use to having Dad  home with us when he is in school.
Since he was home for the day, we needed to make it a little more fun and special.
 So we went to the shaved ice place in Smith's parking lot and got snow cones. We ate them there since they were melting so fast!
 We went home and watch a storm roll in. It was so pretty one half of St.George was sunny and the other half was purple/gray dark clouds!
 I wish every day could be as perfect as this day. 

                                                                       The perfect day....

Hudson got a Birthday package in the mail from Scoti, Aunt Mikey and Uncle Chad . Hudson was so excited to open it, but the mean Mom I am, told him he needed to wait for his Birthday.  

We meet up with Arlee and her cute family at The Lunch Box. 
After eating, we went back to my house for a few pictures. 
 The girls got to meet and play for a moment. 
It was fun to meet Arlee's little girl and her Husband. I'm so happy for her.
Her little girl is darling.  

Sunday, April 13, 2014

July is wear its at!

 Dressing up like pirates...We do this kind of thing all the time!
Just kidding.
We did a little pirate dressing up for Mr. HP's pre-Birthday.

It's looking gooood!
Ok wait, now I'm looking a little like Hitler. 
I'm Not liking this. 
Don't  you think we should even the mustache out? (Mom)
No! (Hudson)
Ok?? (Mom) 
Arghh  Matey!

My 4 year old. 
:( Insert sobbing here. 
I love you my first born. 
Your priceless, every time I think about the first moment I saw you I couldn't believe you were mine. 
That's when I under stood I never knew what it meant to love with a full heart. 
That is until you came. 
You also push my buttons like I never could imagine but then you smile and my heart melts.
Thank you for making me a mother and for making me understand how much your own kids bless your life.
And how much life I was missing.


Forth of July was a blast! 
We went out to the lake with my side of the family
 and my new sibs came too!
Afterwards we came home in time to get ready for the family gathering on the lawn. 

I needed to get a picture of my adorable well behaved children before they ruined their outfits and before their actual true colors come out. 

Can't get Hudson to look at me. 

I think he MIGHT be bored. 

Ok so we have his attention but now sister is over the bow!!!
yep it's going....

YEAHHH it's off... BABY!

That's not the only thing thats off, so is Hudson. 
He is off to play with all the boy second cousins.
She is proud. 
Here you go Mom. 
Take it and please don't put it on my head again.

Lets try this again one more time. 
Sometimes you have to cave and then those are some of your favorite pictures. 

We're done here Mom. 
Peace out!!

The corner "THE FAMOUS CORNER." 
Every kid loves this spot. 

Mr. Hobbs and HP taking a cruz on the Jazzy.
Lets be a little honest, I was a little scared, Jimmy Hobbs is 98 years old, and a very dear family friend that can't see all that well.
It was pretty much pitch dark outside, the picture doesn't show this.
So I was hoping for both of their sake that Jimmy would just stay on the side walk. 

Hudson's very loved Red Rider. 

My all American MAN and our cute little girl.

Adelaide your killing me girl.


Chris and Hudson putting together the new outside table. 
Where is miss Adelaide??? 

This is Ernie the lizard. 
We all love him.
I especially do cause there is no resposapilty but to make sure he doesn't get lost.

Oh that's where Adelaide is, inside the house eating toilet paper.


                                      She seems to be pleased with our choice in toilet paper.