Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lets wrap up May... Shall we?

-Pine Valley 
-Iron Man 
-Birthday Parties
That's what I call a May month wrap-up! 

Day 2 of the kiddie pool.

Day One of kiddie pool fun.
So we wanted to get a BIG kiddie pool like BIG, but then, I/we decided Grandma and Grandpa wouldn't like a big kiddie pool being set up in the front yard all summer long, so we decided to stick to a small one.  
The slide popped after three uses, which is what we thought would happen.  I thought it would last a little bit loner then that. 
Oh well! 

This is a classic water in the face picture.

Oh that little tan boy and his white bum bum!

This little man's face makes me very happy!

This may or may not look like a good idea!

This face is killing me!

Where do you think you're going?

Princess Toots Birthday Party!

I can not believe may Sweet baby is one.
Time goes a lot faster with two!
I can't imagine my little Family with out her, she bring so much warmth and laughter to our home!
I feel so blessed to be her mother.
It was a long process to get her here, but I appreciate her so much. 
She has made me stop and be in one place more then I thought I would with having two kids.
I love watching her personality come out more and more. 
It is so funny to watch her and Hudson together.
I was so scared to be a mom of two but nothing has made me more happier in my life then them.

A Little bit about Adelaide... 
She is in Size 4 daipers
24 month clothes 
size 4 shoes
still has a bottle
Loves cheese
Throws up milk
doesn't seem to love noodles.
She toots a lot, hence the nick name TOOTS a lot.

Takes two naps at 9:00 or 10:00
and then at 2:00 or 3:00
Then goes to bed at 7:00 or 8:00
She didn't start walking... WALKING until 13 months.
She loves going to both of her Grandma's houses. 

She wants to do whatever Hudson does. 
Siting in big chairs at the table or use big spoons and forks loves drinking from straws.
Playing in the sand box, eating sand, occasionally rinding her brothers big boy bike and
playing with trains.
She loves putting on necklaces, loves bath time and the pool. 
but more then that, she loves her swing and being spun by Hudson. 
She squeals when she sees her mom or dad. 
Loves waving Hi! 
She has fun with Cousin Hannah. 
A little more of a mamas girl.
Nick name Toots 
ADEE-LAIDE (is brother's way of saying her full name.) 
Last but not least, she is my finger sucker.
 I never wanted any of my kids to have to have a binky, be a thumb or finger sucker but oh man, does she love those fingers.
 I know when I'm not around that is where she get her comfort, so there fore I don't care. 


                                     Hudson's choice of picture posing.


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