Sunday, November 10, 2013

June its getting hot!

Cement is laid and dried....
"Yes Hudson, we can go look at the New cement."
"Yes hudson, we can touch the New cement."
"Yes Hudson, we can watch Dad finish cleaning up the back yard."

Oh miss Adelaide you think you need to join the party?

Oh man, those cheeky weekies.  
That's what we call them in our house!

 I love this look my little man can give. 
I love those eyes... My sweet little Root Beer eyes . 

To the man that makes being a Dad look so good.
I love my other and better half.
I'm so incredibly grateful that he is the father of my kids. 
Because of him, I always want to try as much as he does with being a better mom.
Our kids are lucky to have you 
and your lucky to be their dad!

Naughty Naughty Adelaide!

She was tired after making a mess of the pantry and her food! 

Cousin pool time!
These two are a crack up. 
They sit on each others lap , slap each other and also give each other kisses.

Nothing makes for a better day then when My Mom and Sissy show up together to play. 

I love these sweet wrinkley piggies.

 Do you like the burn on my arm?
 I sprayed sun screen every where except that spot.
It freakin hurt and I was glad it wasn't over my whole body.
 I still have a mark from the burn:(
But the real reason for posting this picture is Adelaide's FACE!!

   WE have an escapee. AHHHHHH!

So you think your a Big Girl Huh?

Of course, what am I thinking.
You can get out of the pool by yourself and sit on a chair.

That little cheeky weeky!

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