Saturday, July 20, 2013

A look Inside April...

Sunday Matching 

Hannah's Birthday!

Hannah's Boyfriend...

Megan's BFF and her cute son Jace. 

This Birthday Girl is excited for her Mommy to give her that Birthday Cupcake!

Birffffday Kiss from her Daddy. 

Frosting looks good on you Hannah!
"Oh Stop Auntie M, your making me Blush!"

While Hannah was enjoying her birthday cake, this one was in 
THE CAGE!! It's for the little beasts!!!
That's the only reason why Grandma and Grandpa got it. 
So we can just throw them in like animals. jk;)
See what I'm talking about... Animals!!! 
My little monkey!

Adelaide's excited for the Birthday Girl to open her present! 

Grandma is in a No Wrapping Present mood! 
This Makes us all lol!

This little Family makes my heart SOO HAPPY!

I kinda love this man even if he grows out a Beard!

They will maybe be the Best of friends and the Worst of friends, but 
at least they will always have each other!!!

Father like son?



Hannah Nicole's "CAKE SMASH"


Adelaide Sleeping Beauty 
Poor sweet girl. She really falls asleep anywhere but in a bed! It has to do with being like her Mamma. But this particular day this princess was way too tired for even her bed!

 Easter BEST A little late...
We were a sick house when Easter was here, so we didn't get to wear our Easter best on Easter, but we still did it!
He reminds me of a little GQ!
Those Brown eyes melt me every time I look at them.
 I really could just stair into them all day,
they are so pretty.
 I love this little Boy with all my heart and then some!!

April* 20th 
 Block Party
Our Block sure knows how to throw a party. 
Bounce Houses both water and dry, train rides, food, fairest swing, Rock wall.
All we have to do is walk out our front door. 

Making A Busy Bottle for my little busy hands and minds. 
Hudson loved helping me do this project. 
 They both liked it for about two seconds and then they were over it.
 I think if I would have done one when Hudson was Adelaide's age he would have loved it, but he's a little too big now and Adelaide is so opposite of her brother.
 At her age Hudson loved watching TV, she hates it, he was easily intrigued-ish by all thing, but with a short attention span. Adelaide will hardly give anything I do the time of day. 
So know I'm just left with a cute Busy Bottle for myself!! 

Mom's Birthday Party!!
Wahoo We like to Party... We like to party! 

 Chris, Adelaide and  Hudson. 

April* 6
Girls Trip to Las Vegas/ To see Matt.  
This was a fun and fast trip. 
Grandpa Mark and the kids watched the kids for Megan and I! 
I know Wow Right?!

The Queen BEE!!!

Matt's view is Awesome.
 Matt lives on The Strip and at night it's even more gorgeous!

EL SEGUNDO Margarita bar!
We went to a restaurant on the corner of the Fashion Show Mall.
It's a mexican restaurant and I think about eating there almost every day, it was so Good! 
 It was cute inside too. 

Love this group more then they will ever know!!!

When we went to bed I was looking down the strip watching the lights change thinking of how Hudson would have thought this was so cool and he would have probably thought it looked like Christmas lights!

The next morning we woke up to a bright and Vegasy view... everyone running around looking like a bunch of Ants.  

We we went to a restaurant in the Paris Hotel 

My Mom ordered a Frapuccino.
So we are thinking she is getting a Frapuccino.
Oh no, she get a Frapuccino for a doll. 
It was the smallest $5 dollar cup I had ever seen, I asked if it was a sample or a joke!
 We all laughed about it so hard.
 Even know when we think about her cup we get the giggles!  

The Cosmo is one of my new favorite Hotels on the strip!
It's so glitzy!

I love being with my family!
We all get each others jokes and we all think we are so Freakin funny!

Even though it was fun, all I could do was think about getting back to My Babies! 
I missed them so much. 
When I got home I found out My poor Hudson got Croup! :(
In the Spring!!! 
This is the Worst!!!
If you have ever had a Croup child, then you know that the Winter is probably the best time to get it
 so the cold air can help out the swelling! 
Croup and all I was so Happy to be home and be back to being a MOM!!!

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