Saturday, July 20, 2013

May update...

 {May 10th}

 Adelaide's 1 Year Cake Smash session.
Poor Girl was sick for her cake smash, so she did the best she could. 
Her cake was neon orange! I asked for a soft watermelon pink I even sent a picture. 
 My lighting was turning out not so great but we got them and how many pictures do you need anyways right? 
I keep telling myself that at least! 

Oh wait, where is Hannah??

There she is and a splashing good time they had!

{May 5}

It was a busy and go go week, so when Sunday rolled around we thought about going to church but decided to just go to our Favorite Sunday Spot,
 Pine Valley. 
We were told by some people at the lake that we should go down this trail. They said it was easy and kinda fun. 
So we did.
 It was the first time my Husband has ever seen me on a trail. 
I'm a big hiker if you didn't already know. 




We had soo much FUN! It was a tiny hike and Hudson loved it.
 Adelaide was happy to be were ever we were and I was Happy we didn't have to hike back very far :)
Oh but poor Chris got some serious hives. It started to Freak me out. I thought if it went to his face I was going to wake up to a Will Smith movie Hitch!
It lasted a little over a week.

{ Phone picture }
This was after a lot of benadrayl. 

Cinco De Mayo/ Gordon's 56th Birthday!


Gordon needed some help blowing out all those candles and the kids were very happy to
 help Grandpa Hewy out!

Adelaide doing some busy work don't mind her!
"What Mom I'm just helping Grams out!"

I didn't know that these were even taken until I uploaded them onto the Computer. I laughed so hard!
But then I thought, oh man, I need to wash Grandma's window. 
"Ah oh!"

 Transferring and thinking she is pretty nifty!

{May 4} 
Iron Man 
This was pretty cool to go and watch.
 I've heard of people getting emotional at events like this and I always though "Wow! Ok?" But when I went I started tearing up more then once. 
It's incredible to watch the dedication and different types of people that accomplish this!
We went down to watch a Family/ Friend. 
She did incredible job!
So proud of Kim!

She did it!
You go Girl!

Trying to keep the kids happy.
 We missed Nap Time and everything in between.
 Then We had a melt down!!!
My favorite, the I won't look at you move!
It's a classic.