Saturday, May 11, 2013

M&M {March Madness.}

Dinner at the BLUE table.

Our house I think is about 800 square feet at the most... I think, the smallest part is downstairs, so between the front load washer and dryer and everything else that you fit in a front room/ laundry room/ kitchen/ playroom, we don't have any room in the end for a kitchen table, so we have the good old kids blue table to eat at. 
We figured down the road when we do have a house we will look back at these picture and laugh and say those were the good old days. 

Adelaide and Mamma matching.


Swimming with the Harrison's 
The Harrison's are one of our friends from when Chris and I were dating. Chris knew Adam from his mission in Argentina. 
In the first few years of our married lives we use to hang out so much we would end up sleeping on the couch at the Harrison's Apartment. 
We try to keep in touch with them as much as possible and they are the kind of friends we will have not seen for two year but we always feel like nothing has changed and that we can pick back up were we last left off.
 We can be ourselves with them just about as much as you can with family. 
Harrison's wife Holly is a doll and we really love being with them and their freakin cute kids.
Our kids are about a year apart they had a boy then a girl just like us,
so that makes things even more fun. 

So when we went up north to the zoo, we went and saw the Harrison our first night up their. We went swimming and I'm not sure who had more fun, the dad's or the kids. It's a pretty good toss up.
 Hudson loved Dalton and kept asking when we were going to go and see his friend again. 

 Ky, Ky loved Adelaide.
  That was good because she and Dalton are going to be a big brother and sister soon,
 Holly is expecting their third kid. 
We couldn't be more excited for the Harrisons.


"I love the giraffes." 

"Chris loves eating his children."
"Adelaide love her fingers."
                                                           "Hudson loves elephants."  


I sure do have a handsome fella!!

And he is a great Dad!

Hudson and monkeys go hand in hand, both jump a lot, both are curious and both are cute!
But I think my little monkey is cuter! 
 How will do they size up?
Man rhinos are pretty cool.
I loved Hudson comparing his hand to the rhino's foot... hove?
It made him seem like a baby:)


The seals were new for use.
 We knew this was going to be added to the zoo on our last trip and couldn't wait to see this new addition. 
I'm not sure if they have those seals trained to go up to the glass or not but if they don't then this seal seamed to like HP. 

The bears are so cute looking, but only when you have glass separating you:)



Adelaide was just a gibber jabbering to everyone.
I love her babble! 

Do you think Adelaide likes her daddy just a little?
We are excited to go up next year for the Safari addition to the zoo. It will be fun and nice to have every thing back to normal but with a little pa-zaz!

The next day we spent a little time with CUTE Aunt Kelsey.
My sweet hubby let me go out with my cousins.
 It was a blast when ever I'm with Kelsey and Jeffery,  we laugh so hard I love it.

We went to a park close to Kelsey's house it's a super cool park it had a pirate ship!

Hudson, Adelaide and Mamma's park date,
 We went to the park and took a yummy lunch and snacks. I enjoyed my kids.

Look at all of those rolls.
 ummmm love me some Adelaide!

She kills me look at her face expressions. 
They are the best!

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