Thursday, May 16, 2013

love this...

I love taking bath pictures can you tell? 
I like putting my babies picture up in our bathroom, along with Chris and I's baby bath picture!
So this one will go up right along the side of Hudson's Dragon bath towel couldn't be more perfect.

If Hudson isn't at our house then he is over hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa Laidlaw.

Our house is connected to my Grandparent's Garage or on the side of it or in the back of it. 
Whatever way you want to look at it.
Some people can't believe we still live there and can't believe we live in a one bedroom apartment with our two kids, but this is one of the BIGGEST reasons why I can never leave.
I mean some day we will, but for the moment it's too perfect.

So during the day I can hear my Grandpa tinker in the garage on his old cars or helping a neighbor out. My Grandpa is a man of many trades.
But the best part of what I can hear through the garage is Hudson and my Grandpa having a conversation.
 Sometimes it goes like this...
Grandpa: No Hudson say G-R-A-N-D-P-A!
Hudson: G-R-A-N-D-M-A!
Grandpa: No, G-R-A-N-D-P-A!
Then after a few minute I here Grandpa quit and Hudson and him will have moved on,
or my Grandpa will say "WHAT A BOY, WHAT A BOY."
It doesn't matter what Hudson does my Grandpa thinks he is the Best little boy EVER.

 I could probable tell Grandpa Hudson just spray painted the outside of the house blue and Grandpa would probably just laugh and say what a boy!
OK maybe not that far but you get the picture.

My favorite part is Hudson will ask if he can watch a movie or Sponge Bob and I'll tell him No and then he will ask me "Mom can I go see Grandma?"
 I will most likely tell him Yes and then after a hour or so I'll go check on my Grandma and pa's house. Just to make sure he hasn't ran a muck, sure enough Hudson will have had handfuls of Chocolate Almonds from Jimmy Hobbs, my grandparents house guest, and a gram cracker and will have made my Grandma his personal slave and my Grandpa will tell him Yes to everything.
 No wonder he always wants to go over to Grandma and pa's house. 
He lives like a KING I tell you!

Do I blame him...NO... do I want to be Hudson some days?... YES!! 
But one day my Grandma called and told me to come over with my camera (so glad she did)
and we went down stairs in what we call the "Man Cave" and sure enough Hudson even took over Grandpa's TV time. 
They were watching... Sponge Bob or should I say Hudson was watching Sponge Bob in the most comfy spot in the house with his BEST FRIEND!!
The best part of me living in THE APARTMENT is being able to get as close to my grandparents as I have and that my kids will have grown up with Grandma and Grandpa L.
 I love them so much. 

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