Sunday, May 5, 2013

*January Post*

{January Post}

Love me some freshly washed Baby!
Nothing smells better, looks yummier, then a baby after their bath.
 Do you agree? 

 Something about this picture makes me smile with a full heart and gives me a tear in my eye. 
I love watching my husband with our kids. 

 Megan and I got the girls these dresses on different days.
Great minds think alike.

*Nothing like a little Family Snow Day*

Hudson loved it so much this year. 
When we were going up to Pine Valley, Hudson kept telling Chris and I "thanks Mom...Thanks Dad."
 "Hudson likes snow."
"Hudson Happy." 

This picture showed me how my babes do look alike. 
For the most part Adelaide looks almost just like me but in some pictures 
Hudson and Adelaide look alike. 

Hannah was practicing being a warrior baby... or I was not being a good enough babysitter. 
Which ever one works, you pick!

{Our Sunday Best}
I got Adelaide's dress when Chris, Hudson and I went to Las Vegas, before Adelaide was born at H&M. It was a 12 month dress and thought it would take forever for her to get in it, but time flies and I have chubby babes:)
 Oh wait sorry Mom (FLUFFY).
 My mom likes the word Fluffy instead of Fat or Chubby Babes!  


Chris 31st B-day Party @ The Hewards. 


 One of the best parts of a birthday is the kids love to help you open them. 
This takes the pressure off of opening them.  

"Say CHEESE!!"

Hudson just trying on his future!
Making his dad proud.

Ready? Set? Hick!!

This little one is always ready for some food!

Hudson and Av's just playing a little Balloon and Chase. 
This equals to a hard nights sleep.  
(Oh YEAH!)

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