Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hoppy Easter!

Easter Sunday we went over to my mom and marks, it was really relaxing and fun.
When we got to their They had a fun present for him it was a sand Turtle that had we love HUDDY!  Hudson was so cute, when they lifted the lid he reached down into the sand and put his handprints in it. Grandpa mark and Hudson played in the sand. It made hudson so happy. :)

The kids/Grandkids got Grandma sleepover back packs with swim suits and sandals.
(I remember when My mom would get us new swimsuit every Easter ops... I mean the Easter bunny.)
 Grandmas are the best. 
Hudson loved his new Spider Man back pack but I think he might have liked his candy and bubbles more.

Hannah thought she would take over for the Easter Bunny this year. 
Just to give him a break.
But we fired her... She kept eating all the candy!

 I for some reason always get a picture of Bri and Adelaide together.
I promise Adelaide shares Aunt Bri with Hannah!

Hudson dyed his Eggs and almost everyone else before we could even get outside. 
Lets just say he liked Dying Eggs just a little!

Our Anual Family Eggs murals. 

Love the concentration faces we make.

 With the people we Egg drew.  

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