Sunday, May 5, 2013


 February, 1, 2013
I took off Thursday so that I could be with my kids and Hubby on Valentine's Day. 
Chris, I and the kids woke up that morning to a little secret Valentine at our front door 
(from Grandma Hewy.)
Then me and my sweet heart went out for a Valentine Breakfast at the Black Bear. 
Thanks to Grandma Hewy for watching our love monsters!~
 That was freakin YUMMY. 

Aunt Mikey was such a doll and made everyone a really BIG and cute Rice crispy Hershey's Kiss treat. Hudson was super excited. 
He had been delivering all night and was super happy to go with Dad to knock and run at our valentines house's. 
But was wondering if the same thing was going to happen to him at "Hudson's house" as he would say.
I had no clue that Mikey and Chad were in town. When we came home Hudson was very surprised. 
Thanks Aunt Mikey you saved the Night. 

We actually took these the last day in January for my Mom. 

 Hudson was so cute about it. He wanted me to take a picture of his cheek. 

Our little love bugs!

February 3, 2013
I love to see the temple....

The kids and I had a pretty rough day at church so instead of going home and wanting to pull my hair out, I decided to take the little squirts on a walk and we ended up at "Hudson's temple." 
I love that he thinks that the temple is his.

 Adelaide just sat and watched her brother go crazy and be as free as a bird. 
She just thinks Hudson is the best. 

I know you can't see them in this picture but I love it anyways, 
I remember Hudson was trying to get something off of Adelaide and Adelaide was trying to eat his fingers. 
I love watching my babies interact with each other.  
Nothing makes my heart fuller then that.
 Plus Hudson doesn't slow down for it to happen all that often. 

Ooh know what's he going to do?.....
Poor Adelaide...

but this one doesn't really care, I mean look at that smile.

She found her fingers... Surprise Surprise! 

She loves her gold shoes just as much as her mamma!


February 2, 2013

Yes, I kept this ginger bread house out until February.
 I might be one of those Mom's that keeps all of their kids art, scribbles and other things.
I did end up throwing it away but before I did, I took 10  pictures. 
Just call me CRAZY! 

February 2, 2013
I love mornings that we stay in our PJ's way longer then we should. 
Me getting my camera out and taking real moment shots. 
I love Adelaide's babble in the mornings, that is after a blood curdling scream for her morning bottle.
 Hudson playing with whatever he thinks is cool, him asking me to look for the hundredth time at what he is playing with. 
Life couldn't be better in those moments. 
This particular morning Hudson played with Adelaide one of the first times in her crib. 

February 1, 2013

I love me a fresh washed baby.
Their Eyelashes are envious, there skin is a soft and dewy, 
 the best part is you could smell them for hours.   

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