Saturday, May 11, 2013

Easter in Santa clara

 Santa Clara Easter Egg Hunt. 
It was fun, but a little stressful to try and make it on time. 
I do a lot of thing solo cause Chris either has to work or study, so it make me have to get ready extra early, but for some reason time speeds up for me when I need to be somewhere. 
Does time ever do that to you or is it just me?
The nice thing, is my family wants to be at everything we do, so I usually have a extra 2 or 4 hands with me. 
Thank goodness! I don't know how those moms that go to school with their hubby away from family do it. 
But every time I go do something, almost anything that involves me having a extra 2 or 4 hands, I'm grateful that I haven't had to leave the nest. 
My Mom and Mark showed up right in time to see Hudson get to work. That made me a full on octopus mom ... my extra hands:)

The Easter Egg Hunt was great! Megan and Hannah were there before us.
When we were getting out of the car I  heard a count down I wasn't sure what age group it was, but I was worried Hudson was going to miss getting all the eggs, as he would put it. 
Hudson has a bad habit of kick his shoes off the second we get in the car and that's what he did the day of the Easter Egg Hunt, the day I was running behind GRRR. 
So I have Adelaide in one hand and the diaper bag on my back and trying to get the shoes on with all body parts being taken up. Love it! 
Also with Hudson yelling "Mom I missing it." Over and over making the whole thing more panicky! 
Good news we didn't miss it.
Hudson was so funny this year instead of throwing the candy,
 he picked it up and put it in his basket very nonchalant. 
Megan finally yelled at Hudson after he pointed up to the sky and saying to her "Look Megan sky!"
He definitely picked up the pace and wanted to start on the other ages candy side,  especially once he caught on that this was candy and he could take it home with him. 


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