Friday, February 8, 2013

Vegas christmas party...2012

Las Vegas Party. 
Ok scratch that, the past two maybe three year our Las Vegas Christmas party has been here in St.George ...but we don't mind..too much. 
I think it's sorta a meet in the middle, since we have a couple kids in college up North.

Hudson is in heaven when we go over to Aunt Sherry's.

Just adding to the redhead clan.

Santa came to our Party.

Hudson was so excited for Santa. 
He was by far the most engaged child there.
He waited....
and waited...
And waited...

and waited...
For all of the cousins to sit on Santa's Lap . 
I have never seen Hudson be this still...EVER!
Hudson had to wait through 13 Great Grand kids before,
 He was able to sit on the Big Guy's lap.

Adelaide just wanted to open her present
instead of sitting on Santa's lap and have her mom take 500 more picture of here siting.
 I don't blame her I would have stared opening my present too.

Finally it was Hudson's turn. 
He was so patient.

He loves that light saber...Great choice Grandma and Grandpa Laidlaw. 

Oh don't worry it just a 27 year old playing light saber with a bunch of 8 & 5 year old.

Me and my little Princess Toots' Christmas close up.

My step siblings playing for the family. 
We know just how to make new comers feel welcome, just ask Lindsie and Jordan.

Hannah and Hudson playing with some trains. 
I use to be afraid Hudson would only have to play dress ups and dolls with all of the girl cousins he has, but I'm rethinking this, we might need to worry that Hudson will make our girls tomboys.

Sister Love. 
These three girls are some of my most favorite sisters ever.

Just watching them always gives me a laugh, so sassy, so funny.

Gandpa Mark is so cute with Megan and I kids. 
They all love Grandpa Mark so MUCH.

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