Friday, February 8, 2013

Sunday Snow Day****

 Snow Day ...
Off to Pine Valley we go.
 We started to get ready for church and by the time we got all of us into the car,
 we were going to be 30min late...ugh "We really tried hard to"! 
So I came up with a new plan. I asked Chris if we should make it a traditional Sunday snow day in Pine Valley? We could go to church up there! 
So off we went. 
Then I had another idea THE HAIDER'S need to come. 
Called my sissy and told her our plans and wanted them to come along.

  This time we were really off... The H's!
 (Heward's & Haider's)

 Hudson was so excited for the snow he could hardly wait every time he saw a spick of snow he would yell "Snow Mom, Snow Dad!!" 
At the top of his lungs. 
Hudson must get his excitement of snow from his mama.

Oh Hannah you look so cozy.

Snow Angel  Hudson. 
"jk, he's my Snow Angel."

I love my Family. 
 Can't help but take a little bit out of this sweet girl.

The Haiders.

 Our little snow bunny's.

 I love Pine valley.
 It's one of my favorite quick out of town spots.

It was a successful Snow Sunday...and no we didn't end up going to church up there either.  
at least we were well dressed ;)
 just the way you want to look when you go play in the snow!
But one of these days I want to attend church in the cute little chapel.

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