Friday, February 8, 2013

Out with that yellow, bring on the gold strips!!

I was getting the itch for something new, I swear it come every three months in my house. 
So I was on Pintrest and I saw this,

 and loved it. I mean look how happy she makes it, but I though "I'm not sure if it would go with my decor in my house. Then I thought "Who cares anything is better then the yellow." Then I thought "Oh what, if Chris doesn't like it?" But then I thought "Who cares, he will learn to love it." "Right?..." 

 court and hudson blog 
Had a pretty good tutorial on how they did it. 
But I'm a total researcher and looked for even more tutorial on horizontal strips. 
Like that's hard, thanks to Pintrest.
 So I found another tutorial on strip and found that the used a laser leveler...Awesome, I love man tools!!!
I pretty much had the paint under the Christmas tree. 
That was Chris' request to please wait until after Christmas to do this project of painting, the kitchen and front room. 
 Lets just say December dragged on for me since I got this idea stuck in my head the last week in November after all of the Christmas decorations were up. "Ughhhhh." 
This project took place after 
Adelaide and I  having the flu...
Me having a kidney infection...
Hudson having croup...
2 Days after Christmas...
and then when it was all said and done 
Hudson got the flu, then my Mom's whole house flooded and she was out of town. 
Lets just say it was one crazy and very busy December.

But am I ever so happy that I repainted the house white.
Then the bonus was the gold stripes, it makes me a very happy girl:)

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