Friday, February 8, 2013

Here kity....Kitty.

 Did I mention we got a cat? 
Cat Adelaide. 
She truly is the best cat I have ever owned and by far the cutest one too.

 My Mom got the girls a Cabbage Patch Kids for Christmas and oooh this makes my heart so happy, 
I couldn't wait to open it and smell the baby. 
(I know I'm a little weird)

Her name is Scout Shelly.
You will most likely be seeing her in a lot more picture cause not only does Adelaide love it, but so does Hudson. Hudson has been going through a "I'm a baby phase:)" but for some reason he has now just adopted baby Scout Shelly to be his baby. Whatever woks so that I don't have to watch baby Hudson do every thing in his power to have me look at every second, every minute on every thing he does . 
Thank you Grandma Pasha Lady.

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