Friday, February 8, 2013

Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning.

 We had Christmas over at my Cousin Brooke's lovely home.. thanks to Brooke, she saved the family 
Christmas party by letting us party over there.
 I did offer my 800sqft apartment but I just got chuckling rude,what's wrong?  
Know one wanted to sit on my bed and eat and be entertained! 
If that was me I would have taken me up on the offer!

OK so I'm that cheesey mom that likes my family to match... Why not?
 One day my kids won't let me and they will make fun of me for it..So I see it as a win win. They get memories to make fun of me and I get my matchy family for a couple of years.

 Don't we look entertained! 
Don't worry it's coming ... the entertainment that is.
Just wait it's coming...
 See we are staring to gather...
 Oooh but wait, we had to leave before it started for our other family party.  
I hate leaving a party as much as I hate missing a party it feels the same to me :(

Glad we went over to the Heward's to play some family fun games. 
Quite the entertainment, I would say. 


 Avery was that yummy???
That's what I thought... Speechless.

Hudson just trying on Uncle Dave's boots!
 Adelaide made a new friend!

 My little Special Christmas present.

I would have never even let Hudson touch this candy cane. 
Funny how you start changing on the second baby, don't want to know what our last child will be eating.

My little man had just gotten over the flu, poor kid looked sick still.

 Poor Adelaide, she gets smothered by HP, wait who am I kidding this little girl LOVES
  her big brother more then anything.

Our First Christmas at the apartment. 
Yes we will have lived here in the apartment for 9 year in August and
 this is our first Christmas here. 
We usually sleep at my Mom's and when my Mom and Dad divorced I told Chris we will never probably have a Christmas at our house.
 I never wanted my Mom to wake up with an empty house. 
But that all changed when she remarried Mark.
 There has been a lot of BIG changes and we are all trying to embrace them with a smile... so far I think we have done well.
The hard thing is sometimes one person thinks things will stay the same and the other person is thinking it will be good to change things up a bite. 
So I told my Mom our plan.
 Then we made a new plan, she would come over before Hudson woke up so things wouldn't feel too weird and different And that's just what we did. I loved it. 
It was like having best of both worlds. 
The only problem was we were missing a few extra Family members.
I think it will be a tradition, it only makes sense, since Chris and I's family will only get bigger, making it harder to travel all the way to Santa Clara...jk but really it's kind of hard to make sure you have everything even if it's only a 10 minute drive.      

 It was so fun to have Hudson and Chris come down stairs. 
I had played it through my head a gazillion times, since that was the one thing that was telling me it was OK that we were having Christmas morning at our apartment. 


 He was so cute he kept telling everyone Merry Christmas.

 We kept it a small Christmas this year.
 I've really wanted to make Christmas small and our Birthdays a bigger deal.
 I want the true meaning of Christmas in our home. 

I cant tell you how bad I hate all of the picture with me in them this Christmas...and I mean "Hate"
 but I know it's important to show my kids that Mom was their too and not just behind the camera. 
I wish my mom took more picture of her the good and the bad. 
So here is for the bad :)

I love this picture of my mom and Adelaide soo much. 
It melts my heart.
 Then we were off to go to the Heward's to talk to our Missionary that's in Mexico.
We waited and waited to skipe at the time he said but there was no Elder Heward,
 so we went and opened our Christmas presents.

Grandpa Hewy got this ship for Hudson.
What a grandpa :)

Grandma Hewy got this for Adelaide I was so excited for it. 
Adelaide has been playing with boy stuff long enough.
Know we will see if she ever lets those fingers out to enjoy her new rattles!

Why Hello Miss Adelaide and HP

Boys will be boys.
Hudson got really quit so I went to go see what he was doing on my way in to the kitchen I heard Hudson say "yummy M,om Hudson's tummy likes it."
 He was just eating all the cookies.
That's all.
While we talked to Uncle Connor

We Face Timed with Mikey and Chad while Skiping with Elder Heward.
Thank you technology.

Grandma Lady's and Grandpa Marks' here we come...

Hudson was very please with all his toys! 
Man Oh Man, now I remember why we go small on Christmas cause grandparents make up for what we parents lack!

Really can we have gotten any luckier with Mark kids?... Nope!

Hannah favorite spot at Grandma's house... on Grandpa Mark.

And at the end of the day I feel very blessed to have these guys in my life .

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