Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Leaves and The Tub...What an orginal title.

Oh miss Adelaide you are such a blessing to our family.

 Hudson was just enjoying some leaves. 
Hudson would get so excited for would have thought they were Christmas Morning. 


 Just some cousin scrub a dub-en  in the bath. 
They are such a hoot to watch altogether. 
Hudson yells at them to watch him and that's exactly what they do.
Poor guy if someone in either of our families don't have a boy soon, then he is going to get it much worse in a year or two!

 Miss Hannah wasn't to sure about the big black thing that kept interfering with their bath time fun. 
So she was going to try and show Auntie M and try to grab the camera. 
But she loved taking a bath with HP and Adelaide. 
I didn't get to many of  my kiddos... I was a little excited to have Hannah in the tub!
But do you blame me?  
Look at her.

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