Sunday, December 9, 2012


I've been doing a little more photography lately. 
It's been way fun and I hope to be picking up a little more.

Oh Miss Scoti "can this be" are already turning ONE? 
I'm so glad your mom let me be apart of you coming into this world, and for trusting me to take all of your mile stone pictures. 
You are such a pretty little girl, you have your family wrapped around your finger.
I don't know who you couldn't get wrapped around your finger!

 This is my brother in-law Cade. Look at that smile ... it's amazing right?... And those blue eyes!

 The Steere Family.  
Don't I have some cute nieces or what!?

My very cute Grams and Grandpa.  
I love them more then they will ever know!
 My beautiful Grandma and her siblings!

 Thanksgiving I took a couple of family members photos, including my own family's.

The Rogers.
Lilia is so cute! She reminds me of Hudson just in a girl form.
And sweet baby Scarlett is to die for. 
Love this fam sooo much! 
Isn't the little girl's mom Gorgeous?! 
My cousin isn't bad either, that's why they make such cute babies!

 Man these two are Hilarius to be around. 
Kelsey Rogers and Jeffery Laidlaw. 

This is my cousin Kelsey I just love her to death.
We have been the best of friends since we both can remember. 
Her and I have always wanted to be hair dressers ever since we were just barley out of diapers.
We would watch our moms do each others hair and we knew we wanted to do that. 
Now we are Hairdressers. It's sometimes very surreal that we are grown up doing what we both love.
The best part is we are still just as close.
This was taken by Jeffery Laidlaw. Thanks Jeffers.
 This handsome fella is my Big Brother. 
Did I already mention Handsome? ;)

Nothing makes me happier then to see this picture.
 I can't imagine my life with out the biggest blessing I could ever be blessed with!
P.S. It's a miracle that we had everyone's head looking at the camera and it was with a self timer, so there wasn't anyone jumping in the back ground or shouting at the kids it was by luck.

This little cutie has grown, I can't believe she is a year.
 I remember talking her newborn pictures and it feel like it was just yesterday.
She sure does smile for her mama.
(I think she just might like you Brooke... just a little:))

 This is my sweet Hannah, oh man am I glad we have this little spicy redhead in our family.
 She can make anyone smile, just look at her! 
P.S. I love her parents too!

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