Friday, October 12, 2012

WOW....This one is long but much Needed.

Ok so ... I can't believe I got this behind.
This can not happen again or I'll have to quit blogging, cause WOW it was a lot of pictures!
It's going to be short and sweet...I hope! LOL.
I LOVE when I have my blog updated.


I love my husband, He couldn't be a cuter Dad. Plus he is extra HOT :)
I love these three soo much.
I can't believe I get to have them bless my life.

 This one melts my heart.
 This little man is everything to me.  I'm so glade I had a boy first, he has my heart wrapped around his finger.

 Adelaide can you get any cuter?
 I could just nibble on you... ALL the time.

 Nothing like a little doggie pile on the bed before church!

Hudson  "Silly face mom"

 My little photographer in training or Teething?

Oh my little Drama girl!
"What happened? Did I just look at you?"
( Not kidding sometimes she can be so dramatic)
 all you have to do is look at her and her little lip starts quivering.

 Swiss Days was really fun this year, maybe cause they had more things for kids this year.

                                                 My Uncle Jeff restored my Grandparents car to it's original look.
                   This is what my mom and her sibling drove around St.George when they were growing up.
                                                         No air.. to just name a few things!

 This picture made me realize how much we all look like.
We look like triplets...Doesn't my mom look like our sister or what?

  Love my mom and Sister so much.

 My mom and Mark.
 Hannah why do you always have to be so cute!
 You are the cutest red head BABY EVER!!
 Your auntie M... LOVES YOU!

My new sibling Jordan, driving the old Hurst car for the Field of Screams.
Jordan has really done alot of the the Field of Screams. 
Cameron, Megan, Chris and I went. 
It was awesome.
 Megan and I wished we went to the bathroom before getting to the Field of Screams...It was that good!
LOL. Thanks Jordan for the tickets!
If you haven't gone... GO it is so awesome!
 The funner part of Swiss days!

 We went on the Berry Go Round... Man did I feel sick after we got off. 
It probably didn't help that I was just getting over a Kidney Infection
 and my anti-biotics made me already dizzy. 
"Let me tell you I would rather have a baby then a kidney infection!"

 My cute kiddos going to Grandma Hewy's and Adelaide sitting in the Dumbo for the first time!

 Oh Man moments like this make you want to have more and more kids.
And are glade that they have each other.
 Hudson was reading The hunted Schoolhouse. 
Hudson is a little obsessed With Pukins, Ghosts, Sidders.
( pumkins, ghosts, spiders)
He has been talking about them since August.
I guess he takes after his Mamma. :)

 Chris and Hudson playing a little fools ball.
 I can't wait for Hudson to play football.  
He is so fast already.
He's going to make is Dada proud.


What a goofy kid!

 My Little Stud!

 My little monkey!

 His laugh is so contagious, I love it more then anything. 
What I love even more is how he puts his hand to his face everytime he laughs!

Hudson "Mom Bee-gel... PLEASE MOM" 
ME "It's a donut buddy." 
Hudson " No Maaama It's a Bee-gel." 
Me "Well OK then."
 I'm not going to argue with that cute face.

 Mark and Cam put new grass in my Mom's yard.  
It looks awesome. 
My mom and Mark have been married for like two months and he has
 already been helping my mom out with her yard so much.
It's nice to have my mom in a relationship that gives back as much as she does. 

 Rodeo Animals... But no Rodeo for us this year. 
It's to much work for me to go by myself.

 "Oh my chunkiness."

 It was this lovely lady's Birthday September 8th. 
I'm the luckiest Daughter in law to have Jan in my life.
 Happy Birthday to the best Mother in-law a girl could ask for.
 Love you Jan, your such a doll. 

 So of course Jan need a updated picture of her Five grandchildren.
I have the cutest nieces ever! 
I'm one lucky Aunt. 
They all have the best personalties and they bring so much more personality into the Heward family.

 Park Dates are always funner when you are wearing frog boots!

  And when you have attitude..."Hannah!"

 Dada and mamma playtime.

 This little girl love her kisses. 
Hudson never liked me to kiss him, but this one just LOVES it. 
It almost soothes her down if she is acting up. 
"Score for me"... Happy mama.


 Brussh a, Brussh a, Brussh a.

Only if we have your, Thomas tooth brush and your Thomas tooth paste. 
 She is so Dramatic I love it ... For now!

 Hudson is so cute sometimes.  
Hudson well tell me "Adee eat mamma."
Even if she is super full, she will still eat it if Hudson is feeding her.
If I tried to do that Adelaide would pretend she is gagging!
( Like I said Dramatic.)

 I Love every inch of her.
 Adelaide Marie you are so SWEET.

 So I left to go change Adelaide's Diaper But before I left I told Hudson NOT to Paint on the washer and dryer, the floor or the cupboards or the stove.
 Hudson said "ok maaam" I set myself up right? I came back to what looked like Hudson having a paint snack And painting himself. 
I'm one lucky mom. 
LOL But a tired mom!

She started Rowling over at Three and a half months.
 "Hi Roley Polly."

 Naughty ...Naughty...Naughty...Hudson! 
I turned my back for a second and I came back to a kitchen full of Graffiti. 
Thank goodness it was A dry eraser!!

We Had a little get together for my Birthday at my Mom's
We had a world of a time!

We turn are backs for a second and well... Hudson was too excited to leave the cake alone. 
He doesn't have a lot of sweets and when he saw the cake he was sooo excited. 
LOL... Love him.

 I love Globes. 
They are one more thing I collect...that and vintage Glass .
 My mom always spoils me and finds the coolest stuff.
 Got to give hugs.

Chris has been cute and starting to take over once in awhile on taking pictures. 
( Thanks Babe)

I can have my cake and eat it too. ;)

 Lazy days outside.


 Tweet Tweet your Three months Adelaide!

My Mom and Marks Wedding!
To make a very long story short. They pretty much wanted  to elope but my mom was wise and knew we would not forgive her if the three amigos weren't at the wedding!

 The wedding party;) 

Funny but short story my mom called us around 11:00 or 12:00 and said can you be available around 2:00? 
 I was really confused but I ended up guessing what was going on.
I said yes.
Chris and I were trying to find a babysitter and what to wear to a fast and simple wedding. We finally figured it all out but as we were getting dressed I said to Chris we don't want to be too over dressed so he opt-out the church suite.. well when we showed up and got out of the car My Aunt Lora started laughing... we looked a little over dressed.
But I'm so glad my mom has Mark in her life, he makes her so happy and he treats her so incredible.
Mark is a very nice guy and is so cute to Megan and I's kids.

 Hannah sitting in her Bumbo the first time.

 Adelaide Just hanging out. 
In her cute neon.

My birthday Breakfast in bed. 
Chris was up, for over 24 hours but still made sure he decorated the down stairs and got me breakfast with candles ... talk about a cutie!

So Birthday morning started of a little rough. 
We were going to head to Vegas for My birthday to see my brother Matt.  
And when I woke up we saw that are little acid reflex girl, had thrown up all over her self...poor Little lady. 
Then after I got all of the kids bathed and almost ready, Hudson had some fun with the Baby Powder... REALLY? 
I mean he really got himself good. 
Never a dull moment with Hudson around. :)

My hubby is so cute he got me a digital frame for the shop, So I could show off my cute kiddies 
 (more then one photo at a time!) 
Then he knows my secret love for Justin Beiber and he got me a Justin Beiber card that not only sang his song but also ...lit up. 
I love my hubby,
He cracks me up!

Hudson turned Three.......
We had him a Thomas the Train Birthday party.
He loved it so much, it was like watching him on Christmas.

Brin and HP, Little buddies!

Hudson was such a little ham that day!
I think he knew it was his special day.

These two have a love hate relationship.

He was so spoiled it wasn't even funny.
Thanks to everyone that helped and made Hudson's Birthday special.

One of my moms groupie friends, daughter were getting married and really didn't like her bridals.
So my mom asked me if I could do some for her before the wedding 
which was the next day..."no pressure" LOL.
 No really it was a lot of fun and Kaylee is so fun and pretty.
 Who wouldn't want to help Kaylee.


Rainy days are so much fun around here!

"We can't leave Woody out!"

So we were able to bless the girls at my home ward together. It was a great baby blessing.
 I think I can say for the "H" families (Haiders and the Hewards.) 
We are pretty blessed to have these girls in our life's and at the same time.

Chris Grandparents.

My grandparents.

My sister in-law is a doll and drove down from Richfield to come to the girl's baby blessing.

Hannah is are cute little baby Owl, at least we think she looks like a owl.

The fourth of July is one of our favorite holiday, We love the traditions...
-Best of all, Grandma's House.

Family of four!

The girls close up. 
They were so funny Hannah kept hitting Adelaide and Adelaide kept trying to eat Hannah.
Megan, Grandma Laidlaw and I were laughing so hard.
Thanks girls for the entertainment that afternoon.

Hudson at first would only hold his cousin and have nothing to do with his sissy.
No matter who, we loved watching him with one of the girls and we didn't care which one it was.

Going out on the lawn was one of are favorite things to do when Adelaide was first born. 
It got us all out of the house... Thank goodness! 



Father's day was another crazy day for Chris, he worked that night and got like... 
Three hours of sleep so he could be with us. 
Talk about a GREAT DAD.

My little Picasso!

Adelaide's Two week appointment.

I love how she would but her hand this way when she was first born, so girlie!

Nothing better then a yummy sleeping baby.

Hudson is such a Hoot.

Adelaide's First Bath, and of course we had to have Grandma Lady do the first bath, since she gave Hudson his cause I was to scared to give it to Hudson. 
This time I wasn't to scared But  it's now just a tradition I'll do with all of my kids.