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Slack-A-Lackin But updated!!!

 Easter was really fun. We took Hudson to the Saturday Egg Hunt in Santa Clara. 
This year he really got the Whole egg hunt thing! No more throwing the candy eggs.  
He did really well and loved it, but what I think he loved the most was that Chris was out helping him! Grandma Lady and Auntie M came to watch him cause they are Hudson's # 1 fans!
 It's a miracle we got Hudson to look at the camera!
 After the Egg hunt me and Megan had a much much needed prego SISSY day and went around town shopping for my Mom's B-Day!
 Easter Morning! 
Well that kinda stank, cause I was an awesome mom and didn't wake up before Hudson, to watch him find his Eater basket. Instead, I came down stairs who knows how many hrs...mins after Hudson already found his basket! 
But what I did see was the funniest thing his basket ripped apart, just like a little boy would do to his Easter basket. LOL!  
Chris works night shift, so He didn't come home until later in the after noon cause he trys to catch up on sleep in my Grandma and pa's house but when he did Hudson couldn't wait to help Dada find his Easter basket.
 "OH where" "Oh where" could it be in are tiny apartment could it be????
 Maybe in are washer and dryer?
 What a funny Eater bunny!
 We had a party with the Easter grass! WaHOOOO.
 Mamma had to find her Basket........
(look at that belly)
 I just have to love him he always keeps me laughing! 
Putting every thing on that the Easter bunny gave him!
Later that day we went over to my Mom's for Easter/ My Mom's 50th Birthday!
The Grandma Bunny gave Hudson a Thomas bubble machine that he absolutely loves!  
She know him so well!!!!
Then we Had a super fun Easter egg hunt with the cousins Ashley and Ayden. 
We were so glad they were able to come up, we hadn't seen them since November:(

 I love this new tradition we just started a couple years ago. 
We all draw-out  a name of someone in the family and then we try and draw them on a egg, then we guess who it is when we take the eggs out of the dye. 
The dye really can make them even scarier then what they started out looking like.
 Oh but we aren't done having fun yet!
We just started it was my Mom's 50th and well who really wants a black 50th ??
 Not this lovely lady. 
She deserves a very ROYGBIV Birthday party! 
I love you Mom so much thank you for being you and what a fun you, you are!
YOU are:
- Gorgeous
- Funny
- Courageous 
- Kind
- Thoughtful
 Just to name a few of you!

 Mr. Picasso!

 34 weeks meant I was ready to have the baby. 
I was smiling in this picture but there was not to many actual smiling days at the end of this pregnancy. Wait! Who am I kidding... more like almost through this whole pregnancy.
We went a year in a half of stressful trying to...  
finally and very thankfully getting pregnat to...
stressing about another possible miscarriage to... 
 worry about are little girl's heart to.. 
her sitting on my pelvic so bad it would make me cry (not like me) to... 
early contractions and hearing everyone from Nurses to my Doctor, friends, family and myself thinking she would come early.
 But how early???    


 Megan,Cameron.... Hannah 4-27-2012

 Short Hannah arrival Story! 
Megan was having contraction for 4 hours before I knew she was having them. 
I was at my Mom's work talking to her about Megan's Baby Shower that was going to be next day, when my Mom got a call from Megan. 
I was listening to the conversation. My Mom looked over to me and was like "Oh NO" as she looked at me. I asked her "What ?"  "Is that Megan?" she said " Yes and she thinks she might be going into labor!" I had my Mom ask her a couple of 
questions like " How far apart are your contractions?" " Where is the pain?" just the normal labor questions. She answered all of them with flying colors. These questions said she was in labor! The thing is Megan is the biggest baby I know when it comes to pain, so it was a little hard to believe her . So I grabbed the phone to listen to her breathing to see if she was really in pain (real nice sister I am huh?)  Well it was sounding pretty convincing, so I started timing her contractions. This was her first pregnancy, so I wanted to make sure she was timing her contractions right. She was right, they were coming ever 3 minutes, so then I asked her what she was dilated to at her last doctor appointment. She said a 3 and 70% effaced. I told her to go to the hospital, she wasn't to up for that. "Why is it pregnant girls think they have to be in a lot of pain to go to the hospital? Oh yeah, the movies make us think that!"  She didn't want to be sent home, so she thought she would wait a little longer, get dropped off at my Mom's work, and if thing got worse, then she and my Mom would go to the hospital while Cameron got done with work. I told her that if she didn't want to have a baby in a car that she better go to the hospital. She got off the phone with me and bagged on me to Cameron.  Make a long story short she and Cam went to to hospital shortly after she hung up with me. The nurse at the hospital checked her and she was at a 7  the nurse told her she wasn't  going anywhere.  
So now I'm eating my word about her being a big baby. Megan is the :)
 Megan had Hannah 5 hrs and 21 min. later. She pushed for10 min. What a pro. It couldn't have gone better for her. She got her epidural. My cousin Brittany was her nurse. Cameron was there so was my Mom, me, Aunt Lora, and our cousin Lauren!
I couldn't be more proud of her and Cam. Cameron has been the cutest dad from the very beginning.
 Hannah has brought such a sweet spirit into their home. We just love our little Hannah Banana!  

The next week we had Megan's shower up at my Mother in-law's house.
(My Mother in-law is a doll Thanks Jan)
 We had the guest of honor with us. I was a dork and didn't get a picture of are Hannah Banana.
 Thanks for everyones help that day! 

 Hannah Nicole Haider 

Mother's Day.
I love being a Mom. 
Thanks to my boys for my cute photo-booth strip of Hudson, Dad and soon to be sister! 
My very first macaroni necklace and treats to curb the prego mammas cravings!

What did we name her Stella or Adelaide????
 We went with ....
Adelaide Marie Heward
I went to my doctor's appointment on Monday. I was at a 3+ and 80% effaced. He stripped my membranes and sent me on my way. I knew exactly where to go from there... To the college track just like I did with HP. So we waited until later in the evening Chris, Hudson and I.  I had a goal to do 8 laps and 8 flights of stairs, just like I did with Hudson. 
I did 6 laps and only 4 flights of stairs. I was in so much pain when we were walking home I shuffled back to the house like a little old lady! I told Chris that when I did this with Hudson I couldn't remeber walking home. What was I thinking not bringing the car! I was in way more pain with this kid then the last one!   
We got home I packed the hospital bag just in case. 
Got Hudson's bags ready too. Thats when we realized, Who was going to watch Hudson? My Mom and Megan were going to be at the hospital with us along with Chris's mom. Plus Hudson was already tucked in bed and sleeping hard. It was 12 at night by the time we were already to go. So we asked Grandma Laidlaw to watch Hudson while we went to the hospital and saw if we were going to be able to stay. We didn't want to drag Hudson out of bed the whole night if we were not going to be able to stay.
We went to the hospital and they checked us in after checking me. I had gone from a 3+ to a 4+ and 90% effaced. The nurse talked with our doctor to make sure I could stay. My mom headed over to our house with my cousin Ashley to stay with Hudson until I was ready to deliver!
My doctor came and  broke my water around 1:00-1:30ish and my Mom came around 2:00am. I was so happy to see her, then Megan showed up shortly after her. 
We waited around debating when to call Jan and Aunt Lora to come down. We figured 1 cm a hour so we would have them come around 7:00 ish. I would probably deliver around 8:00am.
I was convinced be everyone to try and rest a little. 
I fell asleep and that's when the show always starts for my family! I talk in my sleep when I'm really tired.
My family got a real good laugh. 
I was informed that I said " bread sticks and french toast" "25 people". I started gut laughing so hard  in my sleep that I woke up . My family asked me what was I laughing at, I said  I was watching Greys Anatomy.
Translation : 
-Bread sticks ...Don't know? 
-French toast... I have been wanting to go to Kneaders and 
             try the all you can eat French Toast, but
 never got around to it.
-25 people ... 25 patients cause I was a doctor in Greys Anatomy.  
"Got to love dream talkers" ;)
 The nurse came in from checking me 30 min earlier and said I went from a 6 to fully dialated and was ready to push! I couldn't believe it.
 We tried to call Chris's Mom and my Aunt to hurry and get to the hospital.  
But they were too late. I pushed in one contraction and two pushes later and Adelaide was here!
Beautiful, pink and crying!

Hudson wanted nothing to do with his new little sister, he just ignored her like she wasn't even there!
 She might as well have been a wall!
 Sister like Sister!
A little phone update!

                                                                           Cute uncles.
We missed the other uncles and aunts!!
 Proud Grandmas

 The Day after Adelaide came.
 This is what you look like after having a baby! 
Going home! We were so anxious to get home to see Hudson. 
I couldn't stand being away from him that long, plus you have a lot of emotions going on about how you don't want your other BIG baby feeling left out of the family, even though they have no clue what is going on. 
It's just how the parents feel or at least how Chris and I both felt! 
My brother and his cute little family came up to just see the Girls!
Adelaide and Hannah.
 Uncle Matt, Aunt Faye, Ashley and Adyen. 
Ayden has such a tender heart he was so cute with the girls.

We got Hudson a present from sister a couple of week before we had Adelaide. A cute client had suggested it to me. Hudson loved the present I don't think he even cared who it came from.
 Cute little buddies!
Aunt Kelsey came through just in time!
 Our first Family of four picture!
 When we went home that night Hudson actually gave Adelaide the time of day. 
He helped me get here out of her car seat.

 Our second day out of the hospital.


 Adelaide Marie
aka Adee.

 Our family of four pictures = I'm in LOVE! 
Thanks Brandi Parry

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