Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This is what we have been up to!

Your seeing this right... I'm posting from Christmas until now!
 I know I know pathetic, but it needs to be done.

Here are some of our Favorite Christmas ornaments.

Man oh Man, do I have a cute hubby?
I went into the front room to see Chris and Hudson squished in Hudson Thomas tent. Playing what you ask?.... Thomas of course!!!! 
And why do I ask myself "WHY DOES HUDSON LIKE his dada more than me?"
Oh wait, cause he is soo much cooler cause he does things like this. 
( Chris, Can you let me be the cool one once in awhile?)

I was feeling a little left out on the coolness, so the next day I played Thomas. 
I still don't think I was as cool as Dada, but it was worth a shot.

I came down stairs one day and Hudson had HELPED  the Christmas tree look WAY CUTIER. 
I should have thought of it.
The tree needed Thomas and Rosie.
"I mean HELLOOOO."

So after that I had to get Hudson his own ornament and whats better than a TRAIN. 
A sparkley train for Hudson and Mamma.  
He loved it! 

We usually go to Las Vegas for our Laidlaw Family Christmas party, but this year was a little busy for everyone. 
So we decided to just have it in St.George. 
I vote that we don't do that this year, not saying it was bad, but it just wasn't TRADITION!!!
(I'm all about tradition!)
All in all it was a lot of fun. 
 We had Santa come again, I think we must have really good kids, either that or the food is good for Santa to keep coming back to our Family Christmas party....Maybe both!

Hudson was not to fond of the Big Guy.  
Doesn't Hudson know that he is the guy you need to like to get all the cool presents???

There was no mistletoe but I got a kiss from my HUD MAN anyways.
 Lucky me!
We had a lot of leaves this year and what better way to clean them up by Jumping in them. 
Hudson got a kick out of it. 
I wonder why?.... oh maybe cause Dada was there playing with him.
These two know how to party in leave!

 Can you see why Hudson loves his Dada so much? 
You wouldn't catch me doing this even if I wasn't prego!

 Oh no, where did Hudson go????
 There he is!
 Yup once again trying to be cool like Dada.
 All tuckered out!
 Christmas Eve I was naughty and didn't take very many pictures.
 This year we did the Nativity Scene again and my Grandma and Grandpa sang with my cousin Ashley.
They did a wonderful job!
Megan won the money box and I think it was close to $200 or more !
I wanted my money back after that! J/k.... kinda.


Christmas morning.

 Hudson got a train track from Santa.
When he walked into the front room he said "oooooh WOW"! 
That's when I knew Santa did a great job watching Hudson .

 Grandma Lady got him a cute little friend. 
Oh was he excited for that.
 Everyone else got what they wanted too!

We of course had to say Hello to Coco, Hudson loves Coco.
 Christmas Day we went up to the Hewards to do our little Christmas thing there!

Chris turned 30 this year... that's weird to say but at least I get to say he gets older before I do!  
But I don't know how he does it... He doesn't look a day older then 25.


 Since the day I knew I was going to be a mom I couldn't wait for this to happen.
It makes me laugh when kids want to dress themselves. It doesn't make me laugh when I'm running late and my kid wants to wear a certain pair of shoes and he won't wear anything else!

V day!

I left the treats UN-attented for 2 seconds. 
Hudson came over to me and said "ah-oh!" with chocolate on his face!
(Don't worry family, he only got 5 or so, He and I ate them!)

We always makes a home craft for his Grandmas to show just how much Hudson loves them!
He loved showing how much he LOVES his Grandmas!

Hudson and Dada had to get a little more creative then just on paper.
Hudson didn't like it so much on him, but he sure did on Dada!
Chris and I love being each others Valentine .
 I wouldn't want anyone else to be my Valentine!!!
Chris was so cute he got this card for our WILD THING!

  Knock knock, Who's there????
Your Valentine Hudson! We love you!
Our families spoil us all the time!
Animal Fun...
We went with Grandma Hewy to see some animals and had a blast with her and the Steere girls!

We haven't announced what we're expecting!

It only took us 4 times to find out WOW!
We are excited it has taken me until now to really get excited. My mind has always said,
 "I was going to be the mom with all boys!"
Chris on the other hand was and always right. He would always tell me we are not going to have only boys. I'm excited for a girl a little nervous too, when I had Hudson I was nervous for a boy. I would always say, "What am I going to do with a BOY?"
Now I'm saying, "What am I going to do with a GIRL?" I'm pretty sure I will figure it all out, just like I did with Hudson, and learn to be a boy/girl mom!

Things have been way different with this one: 
I crave sweets like they are going out of style, which is not my style.
I like powder donuts, chocolate (way weird) and Diet Coke. 
With Hudson I liked healthy thing and NO pop!
I feel bad for her, but I'm sure she with be just fine.
We have had a few scares that have required 3 extra Ultra sound on her little heart. 
The last one assured us that everything will be just fine. FEW!!
I didn't think I was that stressed about it, cause I knew there was nothing I could do until she came, but when the Doctor told me that it was all going to be fine the elephant was off my chest. Who knew women could handle that much stress:)

This is our little girl and her brother's ultra sound pictures. They look like two peas in a pod. 
The top row is her pictures and the bottom is Hudson's.
I can't wait to meet her and kiss on her and ooohhh that New born smell.