Wednesday, December 12, 2012


 The leaves are coming down like crazy at our house, and there is one tree in particular that I love during the fall, it this big one that is Bright yellow... Awhh I love it but it does give us a bit of grief since the leaves are small and we share it with the neighbors, I think for the past eight years we have lived here Chris takes care of both side, ours and the neighbors.
(what a sweetheart.)

But what I love the most is to see these three play in the leaves.

 Adelaide loved to grab the leaves and eating them. 
And Hudson, would grab them and throw them at her :)

She got a little tuckered out and decided to take a Siesta.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


I've been doing a little more photography lately. 
It's been way fun and I hope to be picking up a little more.

Oh Miss Scoti "can this be" are already turning ONE? 
I'm so glad your mom let me be apart of you coming into this world, and for trusting me to take all of your mile stone pictures. 
You are such a pretty little girl, you have your family wrapped around your finger.
I don't know who you couldn't get wrapped around your finger!

 This is my brother in-law Cade. Look at that smile ... it's amazing right?... And those blue eyes!

 The Steere Family.  
Don't I have some cute nieces or what!?

My very cute Grams and Grandpa.  
I love them more then they will ever know!
 My beautiful Grandma and her siblings!

 Thanksgiving I took a couple of family members photos, including my own family's.

The Rogers.
Lilia is so cute! She reminds me of Hudson just in a girl form.
And sweet baby Scarlett is to die for. 
Love this fam sooo much! 
Isn't the little girl's mom Gorgeous?! 
My cousin isn't bad either, that's why they make such cute babies!

 Man these two are Hilarius to be around. 
Kelsey Rogers and Jeffery Laidlaw. 

This is my cousin Kelsey I just love her to death.
We have been the best of friends since we both can remember. 
Her and I have always wanted to be hair dressers ever since we were just barley out of diapers.
We would watch our moms do each others hair and we knew we wanted to do that. 
Now we are Hairdressers. It's sometimes very surreal that we are grown up doing what we both love.
The best part is we are still just as close.
This was taken by Jeffery Laidlaw. Thanks Jeffers.
 This handsome fella is my Big Brother. 
Did I already mention Handsome? ;)

Nothing makes me happier then to see this picture.
 I can't imagine my life with out the biggest blessing I could ever be blessed with!
P.S. It's a miracle that we had everyone's head looking at the camera and it was with a self timer, so there wasn't anyone jumping in the back ground or shouting at the kids it was by luck.

This little cutie has grown, I can't believe she is a year.
 I remember talking her newborn pictures and it feel like it was just yesterday.
She sure does smile for her mama.
(I think she just might like you Brooke... just a little:))

 This is my sweet Hannah, oh man am I glad we have this little spicy redhead in our family.
 She can make anyone smile, just look at her! 
P.S. I love her parents too!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Hello.... Let's play a little catch up.

We went to the Santa's Work Shop and Hudson went on the Big Train! He was so in ahww. 
It was cute!

While they went around the work shop I had a great view of this little girl.

Someone got her EARS did! 
And was very dramatic about it! 
Hudson was concerned for a minute and then he focused back on the fact that if he was a good boy then he would get a treat. 
Between Adelaide getting her ears pierced and Hudson watching,
The one that DIDN'T get their ears pierced was worse then the one that did.
 Can we say inpatient?

Squishy Squishy!

My cousin CJ got his Mission Call to Colorado Spring. He leaves January 16th, 2013. 
Crazy and so proud of him.

HAPPY  BIRTHDAY to MEGAN.  I'm so grateful to have her as my best friend and I love her so much. 
Megan and Cam brought over some games. 
Which if you asked me, made the Birthday party a lot funner! 
It brought out the good and the bad in us. 
The Olson family and the H Families were able to see each other's true colors! LOL.

My little China Doll.


Lets talk about cuteness right here!!!!

I know my mom isn't going to like these pictures, but it just shows our inner competitor. 
"I wonder where I get it from?"
Oh Man is my mom a poor sport! She was losing and so she garbed her Fignewtons and threw them at me..."talk about true colors." 
It was a pretty good show. 
I'm sure the Olson family were a little surprised by our actions! 

Hudson wanted to try. 
Isn't my sissy so pretty?
Happy Birthday to you!

                                               Oooh Mom stop taking picture of my legs!

Kisses for Hudson and Adelaide before Dada goes to work.

We give this to all our kids. 

I found this cute Gold feather on Pinterest.
I had to make one for my sissy's Birthday!  
It's way cute and easy, Hudson even helped.

We went up to my cute sister in-law's family cabin.
It was so fun. Chris had to work, so Megan came in his place.
The funneist part about Megan coming, is that she invited herself.. I had thought about it but wasn't sure if I should ask Meg or the Hewards first. Megan helped me out, she found out I was going and called me back up and asked, "Mandee could I come up to the cabin?" Phew, I was so HAPPY she asked cause then I knew who to call after that. I was pretty sure Mikey would say yes... Mikey is so chillaxed and is like... the more the merrier kind of girl.
So off we went.
It was the funniest ride. Hannah cried, Hudson was making noise none stop, and Adelaide was chillen most of the time but with only a few grunts.
We left around 4ish, so by the time we got up to the cabin it was dark and Hudson was a little worried about the Spooooky trees.
Did I mention that Megan and I are special... to each other that is!

S'mores anyone?

This little town was adorable. I love old houses! 
And anything that looks like it would be a good Photo shoot spot. 
When we were coming home there was a couple of cows out in the middle of the road, so I use my cow talk to tell them to "moooove over!"
"Yes I'm a dork."

He just came up to Chris and I and said, "Dad Hudson hold Adee?"
"Another melt my heart moment!"

We went as the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.
I LOVE Halloween! I had some costumes planned out from last year since I knew Adelaide was going to be a girl, but when Chris came home this year and said he had to work Halloween I was super bummed. So I thought of some new Family Halloween Costumes for us that we could do without dad.
So the costumes I was planning on doing will have to wait for next October.
I was racking my brain and I finally thought we'll go as the Grinch! My Mom thinks I do a pretty good impression of the Grinch. I knew I wouldn't need Chris to make it all work out.
Chris then came home a week before Halloween and said he switch with a girl at work so he could be with us for Halloween!
"Shoot, but Yeah!"
That's when I thought he should, and would be the Mayor of Who-Ville.
It wouldn't have been the same if the Mayor was not part of our Family Costume.
I'm so glad the Mayor of Who-Ville could join us!




My Mother in-law Jan did a cute little Halloween party for the Family. It was really fun to have most of the family there. Mikey, Chad and Scoti have been bouncing back and forth from St.George and Richfield, so we haven't seen them to much, but way more then I thought. They are troopers to come down or go up on a whim with hardly any notice. I don't think I could do what they do. So it was fun to have them at the Halloween party! We bobbed for apples and doughnuts on a string and decorated cookies!

So we went as hunters, cause I didn't want to put us in our full Who's costumes since Halloween was the next day!

So Hudson is a little bit of a turd... he likes to knee drive his sister when she is laying down. 
I can't always stop it."This is why she is going to be a tough cookie.
"But he is sure cute to her also! Thank goodness!"

This is why women have more then one kid. 
This melts a mother's heart!!!

I love this little doll!

We went over to my Mom's Husband's house and did a little pumpkin carving.
 We had a lot of fun. So many fun pumpkins carved!

Hudson is a funny boy, he HATES for his hands to be dirty.. and I'm a bit of a texture person, so he just might have a problem his whole life...LOL.
Chris just being Chris!


My little old man!



Hudson doing the Pee Pee Dance.
"Oh yeah.. oh yeah Hudson went pee-pee in the potty Hudson awesome, Hudson cool!!"


Hey You!


We always go to Frei's Market and pick out pumpkins.
 Hudson LOVED it this year sooo much!

 Grandma Laidlaw put some pumpkins in her courtyard. The problem with that is ... Hudson has a LITTLE obsession with pumpkins. "OK a BIG obsession."  
So he gathered them all up out of the various spots Grandma had picked out and he went and lined them up out on the sidewalk for everyone to see them!  


Oh man these two girls have everyone wrapped around their fingers!
They are going to be so entertaining to watch them grow up together!
 Right now Hannah is a  HOOT! She talks so much and is loud and a bit of a bully with the cutest smile anyone has ever seen.
Adelaide is soft spoken and a push over, but why wouldn't she be, she has Hudson to make her tough. 
So these two are going to be perfect for each other.

This was Adelaide's true four month pictures.

This is her spot...where she talks the most, grabs her feet the most, and smiles the sweetest! 

Look at all her Rolls. "Yes I do have a hard time not biting her legs all the time!"

Adelaide's 4 month checkup. She is getting so fluffy AKA...Fat! :)
We love are babies fluffy! 16.13oz