Monday, November 7, 2011

Why are we EXCITED????

 Almost a year ago I had my miscarriage.
It was weird because from the moment I found out I was pregnant, I had a feeling. I don't really know how to describe it. With Hudson, I didn’t have any kind of negative feelings. I kept trying to brush it off. I didn't feel like I could express what I was feeling because my mom would get bugged with me and want me to be positive or Chris would be so positive that it made me feel guilty, so I just tried to stay positive. I prayed so many nights for a good pregnancy, but deep down inside I knew something just wasn't right.
I wasn't nauseous or having any of the symptoms I had with Hudson. I started spotting two days afterwards. But I did that with Hudson, Chris reminded me. 
I don't even know how to describe how you know something is wrong, even though everyone around you is being positive and thinks you need to be as well. I guess if you've had a miscarriage you know.
It's worse than I could have ever imagined. It stinks!

I remember when I had the actual miscarriage, we were going to a family Christmas party and Chris and I really didn’t feel like going to it! But I told Chris I didn’t want to just sit home and think about the miscarriage and miss our fun Laidlaw Family Christmas party, but on the other hand I really didn’t want people to come up and congratulate us and then have to tell them about the miscarriage and make them feel awkward and make me feel like I would have to reply  “ It’s OK“, because it didn’t feel ok!  Thank goodness everyone knew before we got to the party and most of them avoided it like the plague. Some didn’t, but were really sweet about it, which was much needed! My family was going through a lot at the time, which added to the stress and sadness!
For a couple of months I would hear about girls being pregnant or knew some that were due around the time I was suppose to be. I would run in to them and think that could have been me. In the long run I knew my Heavenly Father saw the big picture, and now I can say I’m grateful.....well, not grateful, but I can see the big picture of why I  lost the baby. Timing is everything and for that I’m grateful. 
Megan my sister got pregnant just two months after I had the miscarriage and no, I wasn’t jealous…. well, only a little, cause we have always wanted to be pregnant together! But then she had a miscarriage too.
That was hard, I knew what she was feeling and that made me feel awful for her!

But I’m happy to Announce that our little family is PREGNANT! Due the end of May or the first part of June! 

Not only am I pregnant, but my sister is too!
She found out the middle of Sept. and is Due May 13, 2012

We found out shortly after her and ... 2,000 dollars worth of  blood work done and also going to a specialist Dr. Chalmers while I was Pregnant, not knowing I was already pregnant! So he and I joke about how good he is. All you have to do is talk to Dr. Chalmers and you get Pregnant! lol!
We are so excited Hudson is so cute to our niece Avery. I know he is going to be the cutest big brother!


The story on how I found out I was pregnant!
Megan and I were hanging out watching TV and that’s when I should have known for sure. We were watching Americas Next Top Model and a commercial for Lion King 3D. I cried at both! I can see crying at Lion King but... Americas Next Top Model... come on! What the heck! So that should have been my first sign! Since the miscarriage I didn’t hardly EVER cry which is sooo not me. I told Megan maybe im getting back to my old self.
Then Megan said that a taco (with meat) looked good and I AGREED and that was Megan's first sign. She looked at me like I was crazy!
Reason being I'm a vegetarian! Taco meat ALWAYS discussed me!!!! 

The next day was Sunday and we went to church. I didn’t help out in nursery as much as I usually do  because I was to tired!
I went home and started thinking..... could I be Pregnant???
My signs were...
  1. Tire.
  2. Crying.
  3. My lower back was hurting.
  4. Chris bugs me every time I’m Pregnant for no good reason! (Poor guy).
  5. The taco thing, dead give away!
So when Chris came home we talked about how I might be... and we did a pro and con list together.
See we have done this guessing game for  a year and a half now.
So I had Chris go get a test!
When I saw the results of the test I couldn’t believe it... I had been getting a negative for WAY TO LONG.  And on Monday I was going to schedule an appointment to get my pips cleaned.$$$$$
( Doctors term).
I just thanked Heavenly Father over and over that I was pregnat and I didn't have to go through anymore!
I called for Chris to come up stairs and I got Hudson out of his crib from a nap. Chris gave Hudson a kiss and I gave Chris a kiss with a whisper “We are pregnant”!

How we told our family...This is one of my  favorite parts about being pregnat.

I wanted to tell Megan first so I came with this!

Then I did this for our parents!
With a present that had our due date in them and the size of the baby.
It was the size of a sesame seed!

We are so excited and I feel so good about this one. A little nervous, but good!
Megan and I are only 2-3 weeks apart. If I go like last time we could maybe be having our babies a couple of days apart or the same day... the same Doctor... the same room!
But  my mom is not being shared unless I have too! LOL.


linsey said...

Mandeee!!!! This totally made my day. I am so so happy for you, CONGRATS! xoxo.

OMG--guess what the word verification is? COUSIE. Love it.

Anonymous said...

yay! Congrats. So exciting! We are also expecting in June! So fun!

The Marvelous Mrs. Miller said...

Congratulations!!!! So excited for you!!

Amy said...

oh my gosh!!! Congrats.. I am so happy for you guys, you deserve it!!! BEST OF LUCK

~HIGGINS~ said...

Yay, so exciting, I had a miscarriage to and totally understood, It makes your cherish every little thing with your next child..which I needed because she is a wild child. Best of Wishes!!!

Melissa said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! :) How fun to be pregnant along with your sister! :) I miss you so much!!! we need to get together soon!