Sunday, October 9, 2011

Update on the Hewards!

 Going on our walks. This is what we see and what we do!

 Baby sitting the Steere girls.
I thought it would be fun to do an activate while Avery was taking her nap.
So outside we went.
I told Hudson to blow in the straw and well.... he did the opposite of that and drank it all gone. 
( I was a little worried cause of all the dye I put in the milk, but he is fine!)
Bryn did an awesome job, Hudson got it at the end. 

 Swiss days!
 The attempts of getting good pictures! 
Hudson and I not so well, but everyone else looks cute!


 Hudson was soo excited to see Buzz. Every time we go to Santa Clara and drive by the Eye Doctor, Hudson will say BUZZ BUZZ???? I say "yep Buddie, we are going to drive by Buzz." Then that's when I drive by Buzz really, really slow. Unless I forget  to slow down and that's when I'm in trouble, because for like 3 min I have to hear.... Where Buzz go?  Where Buzz go?
  So when Buzz came by us in the Swiss Day parade, Hudson didn't say a word he just stared at  Buzz with his cute little mouth open! 

 The Little Mermaid was in the parade and everyone loved that!  
My mom and I are going the 18th to see The Little Mermaid. I'm so excited!

 Hudson wasn't to happy about this float they shot off what sounded like real guns and it scared the Crikey out of him!

 My Heros
They dress so stylish. 

 They Fly.

 They look out for things,

                                                                       and lose it too! (Where it go?)

 They even have their own secret hand shake!
 I love my heros they make my world!

 Yes that's right, another Heward's Family picture.
This will be the last full Heward family picture for two years!
Connor is going on a mission to Mexico City, Mexico!

This is cute Mikey and her darling baby bump. She looks so cute prego.
It is funny when you are the one pregnant and you think you look big, but you aren't. I even asked her if she could stick it out a little bite more! Mikey and Chad I can't wait to meet this little girl. You guys are going to be fun parents! Hope you like these belly pictures!