Monday, September 19, 2011


Hudson, Chris and I went and saw the animals at the Rodeo. 
We don't live to far away and Hudson loves the animals.
Hudson wanted to show the cow his train.  
I think the cow liked it a lot;), if he didn't, Hudson did!

 He gave kisses to the horses!

 Loved the goat!
(I was a little nervous I was worried he would head butt Hudson or eat the stroller!)

Then we went to the Rodeo with Grandma Hewy,
Aunt Chantelle, Brin and Av's!

Hudson was my very own personal Bucking Bronco that lasted 1 hour at the Rodeo! 
That's when Hudson had had enough, he looked at me and said GO,GO? 
I asked him if he wanted to GO, he smiled and replied GO! 
I asked Hudson if he wanted to go NIGHT, NIGHT?
He replied Night, Night. 
Then stared to tell everyone night, night even the horses and  the cows!
Not only that, but mama got a snuggle from him the whole way home.
He told anyone and everyone Night Night when we passed them on the way home! 

The new do!
So Chris thought
I was going to come home with hair extensions instead of this!
( Got to keep the Husby on his toes! Plus he is married to a hair dresser! )
I'm looooving it!

So Hudson tried a tumble class the other day. 
I thought Hudson would love it and be good at it, since he is freakishly strong. 
Well when we showed up he was the only boy with a bunch of little ballerinas in their cute "PINK outfits"  
Hudson in his skull shirt. 

( Getting the picture? ) 
Well I thought it was a tumble class and well... it was NOT! 
It was a co-ed wiggle time.... that actually looked like a beginng class for ballerinas! 

Well I thought...
"We are here we might as well try it out its only... 30 min." 
( Plus he sure looked cute with a class full of girls what a stud "right?") 
So the teacher told me to stay outside cause the kids listen better. 
Ok I get that!
I was cringing the whole time.
( I was without a parent window!! UGH!!)
  1. What he was doing?
  2. Was he listening?
  3. Was he being nice?
The teacher said he did good... 
BUT he might need to be a little bit older! 
Plus Hudson got out a extra 5min (for good behavior LOL.) from the class. While the little girls wrapped up the last 5 min. ;)
BOTTOM LINE... he was JUST naughty and 
I cant believe the poor teacher had to try and work with him for longer then a 1min. LOL.  
Oh well we live and learn right? 
So now Hudson and I have are own Tumble / Bubble / Chalk time. 
Who needs wiggle time its over rated anyways!
(ask the mother who's kid got out 5min. early from a 30 min.class) 

It was my cute mother in-law's Birthday last week. 
It was cute, my father in-law got her a rose for every year she has gotten wiser! :)
Jan shared her present opening with Brin and blew out some candles!  
I don't know who was more excited...  Jan or Brin  for the presents to be opened... I think Brin!!!
I don't know if Jan or Hudson were more excited for her cute balloons?......... I think Hudson!!!  

I don't know who won, the "balloons" or "Hudson"????

UMMMMM popcorn / Dada time!


What a Animal!!!
What a cute Auntie M Hudson has!
We have a pretty strict night routine. 
Hudson usually says night night when he is ready for bed, and he usually starts walking himself up to the bedroom.
But this night he wanted to sleep in his beanbag. 
Dada and I knew that it wouldn't last, but it was too cute not to  let him get his way.
No more then 5 min.
He was up wanting to play. 
That's when mama ruined the fun and off to bed we went ;)