Saturday, August 13, 2011

Splash pad with dadda and The Steeres.

Oh man was I So happy that Chris could come with
us to the splash pad.
Hudson has a lot of energy, when we go any place.
I was glade to have an extra hand! 
Plus Chris and Hudson go together like PB&J, like.... two peas in a pod.:)

I love how Hudson kinda does a skip when he runs!

Hudson is like having free entertainment...

These two are funny together.
When they are at Grandma Hewys house,
Brinley usually bosses Hudson around and he lets her!
( I think he likes it most of the time most!?)
But this time he was the boss!

Good Job Brinley boo.
You are super strong!

He was so mad that he had to get off the ride of his life.
The funnest thing that has ever happened to him. 
Can you tell!!!!!!
Family picture with kids are well... not happin
until the are in their twenty's!

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