Saturday, August 13, 2011

Oler Reunion!

Chris, Hudson and I went to Chris' Family reunion on the Oler side. 
At Zions, it was so much fun. 
Jon Oler was in charge of it and put a lot of work into it .
I'm pretty sure Jon is going to be wiped out for at least a month!
( Thanks Jon, You did a great job!)

They had a slip in slide and a Very big pond to play in.
The boys had a blast at the slip in slide.
All of Chris cousin are so cute.
They had a cooking activity that Aunt Jill put together for the kids. 
Aunt Jill had foot surgery, so she couldn't be there to 
see how much the kids enjoyed cooking!

Boys are Crazy. 
You wouldn't see Girls doing this!
We had a blast with the Oler Family and we are so glad we went. 
We are mad at ourselves for not going an extra day!:(

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