Wednesday, July 20, 2011

*memory lane*

This is what is on my brain lately pregnancy!
I found some old prego pictures of me and remembered that my pregnancy was really good almost too good.
The one on the left I think I was 8 months pregnant,
and the one on the far right is....Mr.Chris playing the drums. 
He would always do this. lol!
Then there is my baby frog he was 2 months old. ahhhh!
I'm saving the best for last, Cabbage Patch Kids!!!!
I loved Cabbage Patch Kids!!!
Kelsey and I would play for hours and hours with them!
I loved how they smelled, their belly buttons and...
the signature on the tush
I think I should go buy one tomorrow!

1 comment:

Jeremy and Kim Laidlaw said...

You were a very cute pregnant lady. and I love the cabbage patch outies too. good times.