Friday, July 22, 2011

Chelsi Run and Birthday week!

Chelsi's Run
My mom has a group of friends (14) of them to be exact, that have known each other since kindergarten!
I know how cool is that?
But here is the cool thing about these girls, they are all there for one another through think and thin.
It's amazing what kind of friendships they have and what they have been through!
A couple of years ago my moms friend Lisa Petersens, daughter passed away.
She was an amazing athlete in many areas but Chelsi loved running.
My moms friend Nancy Gubler came up with an idea for a fund raiser
to always keep Chelsi's love for running living on!
So Nancy came up with "Chelsi's Run"
So for the past Four years on July 15th @ 10:00pm Megan and I Go help the groupie and my mom
with the water!

I wish I had a better picture of the groupie!
They are all soo cute and when I get there age I hope I look as good and act as fun as the Groupie does!!

It's Birthday week for Hudson and I.
I'm so excited for his Buzz Birthday Party and I get to go to...
The Little Mermaid with Chris on Monday for My birthday!
It is going to be a great week, As long as Hudson gets feeling better!
The poor kid has a ear infection and croup (again) and 
his two year old molars are coming in! 

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