Tuesday, May 31, 2011


OOOH Memorial weekend getaway.
You were much needed and loved!!!

First off we went lift St.George around 4:00pm. 
Made it to SLC around 8:00pm.
This was our first long trip with HP and 
I wasn't sure how it would go???

But can I just say this he did....
I was so proud of him the whole way up and back!
Thank goodness he had a back seat Buddie!

But we did have a little detour to a gas station.
We were fallowing Cameron and Megan 
and wondered why they pulled off to the gas station?
Well...we soon found out!
We thought maybe the kids threw up??
Cam came over and told us that as they were driving on the freeway Ashley said she had to go to the bathroom,
  they told her to hold on and that they were just minutes
from the hotel.
But then all of a sudden, they heard Ashley say
" I'm POOPING, I'm pooping!"
Really??? lol. 
Thank goodness Megan has been a CNA!


This was Hudson and my first trip to the zoo.
 So as you can imagine I was pretty stoked!   

And it didn't disappoint Me or Hudson!
 + We had a pretty fun group.
 My Mom came and so did Megan, Camie, Smash, Ayden, 
Uncle Casey and his friend Connor.
More the merry! :)

Can I Just take this guy home.
Oh he was so cute!
So of course we had to take some pictures by him OK, OK, not him but you know what I mean!

mommmmm! ;)

Chris is always monkeying around 
should I say....
Nope I won't!

Look how cute our little gorillas are!
Then we went into the reptile room UGHHHH!
Some of the things in there made me squirm! 
But the owl was freakin cute!

To bad our kid-lings don't follow us like this. 
Can you imagine going to the store, Park? 
It would be a cinch!

So Hp is not afraid of to many things, just the... 
Car wash, leaves moving in the wind lol, the shower.
Oh and this GUY!!!! 
He wouldn't even look at him. 
He never cried but he just wouldn't look at him!

Isn't the world small???
While we were up at the zoo we ran into a friend of Chris's 
Logan Fielding!
Hudson loooved the Giraffes.
He loved them so much he kept putting his hand in between the fence to try to tickle, tickle them.

The carousel was fun.
I don't think I have ever been on one.
I loved how Hudson loved it!

Man oh man this little Baby Elephant reminded me of Hudson. 
Did some one give him sugar before he came out to see us?
I  think so. 
Cause that's what happens to Hp when we give him sugar!
Then to end our zoo trip, we went on the train. 
Thomas the train if you asked Hudson!

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