Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Temple Square!

We went to Temple Square!
It was raining and cold but we didn't care! 
(I'm glad it just wasn't on zoo day!)
We just got out our umbrellas. 

Just look at the singing in the rain crew!
Aren't they cute?

These two cute people celebrated their 1st anniversary!
I Can't believe it.
It feels like they have been together forever!
Don't they make a cute couple?
We love you both soo much and are way proud of you and what a great couple you are together!

This was the first time for me and my family to see the new Conference Center!
Can I just say wow!
It was amazing.
I loved it, I want to go up there to the next conference!
You can feel the spirit right when you walk in!
At least my mom and I could. 
Thank goodness I can always count on her to be my crying Buddie!
The roof top was so fun and pretty they have such pretty 
trees up on the roof top.
My favorite part was the wall of people and the scripture.
“And this gospel shall be preached unto every nation, 
and kindred, and tongue, and people." 
(D&C 133:37-38)

Can I just live in this house?
It's so cute!
Plus, it's next to the temple!
The flowers on the temple grounds are soo pretty!
We walked around and listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and then headed back to the car to get dry.

This was a great and fun trip. 
I loved it!
Everything went so well. 
Just don't ask Chris about my drivers ed talk to him.
Cause he might say other wise.
( Chris say's I would be a great drivers ed teach.... left blinker, 
Slow down woo-ow, woo-ow you are getting to close, exct. :) poor guy! )

Then we headed for home with no gas station stops!
Well actually one but it was to get actual gas!  :)


OOOH Memorial weekend getaway.
You were much needed and loved!!!

First off we went lift St.George around 4:00pm. 
Made it to SLC around 8:00pm.
This was our first long trip with HP and 
I wasn't sure how it would go???

But can I just say this he did....
I was so proud of him the whole way up and back!
Thank goodness he had a back seat Buddie!

But we did have a little detour to a gas station.
We were fallowing Cameron and Megan 
and wondered why they pulled off to the gas station?
Well...we soon found out!
We thought maybe the kids threw up??
Cam came over and told us that as they were driving on the freeway Ashley said she had to go to the bathroom,
  they told her to hold on and that they were just minutes
from the hotel.
But then all of a sudden, they heard Ashley say
" I'm POOPING, I'm pooping!"
Really??? lol. 
Thank goodness Megan has been a CNA!


This was Hudson and my first trip to the zoo.
 So as you can imagine I was pretty stoked!   

And it didn't disappoint Me or Hudson!
 + We had a pretty fun group.
 My Mom came and so did Megan, Camie, Smash, Ayden, 
Uncle Casey and his friend Connor.
More the merry! :)

Can I Just take this guy home.
Oh he was so cute!
So of course we had to take some pictures by him OK, OK, not him but you know what I mean!

mommmmm! ;)

Chris is always monkeying around 
should I say....
Nope I won't!

Look how cute our little gorillas are!
Then we went into the reptile room UGHHHH!
Some of the things in there made me squirm! 
But the owl was freakin cute!

To bad our kid-lings don't follow us like this. 
Can you imagine going to the store, Park? 
It would be a cinch!

So Hp is not afraid of to many things, just the... 
Car wash, leaves moving in the wind lol, the shower.
Oh and this GUY!!!! 
He wouldn't even look at him. 
He never cried but he just wouldn't look at him!

Isn't the world small???
While we were up at the zoo we ran into a friend of Chris's 
Logan Fielding!
Hudson loooved the Giraffes.
He loved them so much he kept putting his hand in between the fence to try to tickle, tickle them.

The carousel was fun.
I don't think I have ever been on one.
I loved how Hudson loved it!

Man oh man this little Baby Elephant reminded me of Hudson. 
Did some one give him sugar before he came out to see us?
I  think so. 
Cause that's what happens to Hp when we give him sugar!
Then to end our zoo trip, we went on the train. 
Thomas the train if you asked Hudson!

Connor John Heward!

Connor Graduated last week.
With high honor roll!
WOW can you imagine this young man was 10 years old, 8 years ago
when I came into the Heward Family!!!!!
He is such a sweet heart.
I just love him, he has a heart of gold and is always fun to be around. 

Connor I know people say this to graduates, but...
I have always said this about you! 
You have great things in your future because of how good of a person you have and are becoming.

Grandma and Grandpa Hammer came down for your graduation.
Casey made it too. 
You had a pretty good support group to watch you get your diploma.

Mean while, when Connor was visiting and saying his goodbyes, 
Hudson decided to go flying!
And Avrey was a really good little baby during the graduation until everyone kept visiting :(

when HP got home he was out before we knew it lol.

Connor and we are so proud of you and 
what a good person you are!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Me and THE HP playing!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Mothers Day hooray !!!!!!

Was great.
It couldn't have been better!
We went to church.
Look at my handsome little man!

This card was from my cute boys.  Look how cute Hudson's scribbles are!

Hudson said he would give me two kisses.
I got a rain check on that one! lol

Made some flowers.
I usually give my mothers real flowers but, this year I thought I would make some cute Fabric Flowers from a blog tutorial. 

here is a link:

This beautiful lady is my Grams!
I luv her soo much. 
She is one of the most amazing people I know.
She feels more like a mom to me.
(And gets ask if she is my mom too! lol  :})
Hudson and I had to go give her a
flower cause she means the world to us! 

Then we went to the Hewards...

These to little squirts are what make Mother's Day possible!
OOh and this one. 
We cant forget her! 
To bad I cant say they are all mine:(

Ooh and then there is this cute lady. 
My mother in-law
AKA... the best mother in-law a girl could ask for!
She is like having Beaver Cleaver's mom as a mother in-law.
Some times that can be intimidating.
Cause Chris's expectations are probably 
high on what a mother can do! 
( oh dear! Poor me.)
I love her soo much. 
Thanks Jan for always being the best and most sweetest
mother in-law a girl could ask for!

Aren't they both just sweet!
(mmmm I could just eat her little cheeks! Baby Avrey's, that is! lol)

And then there is this lovely lady....
what can I say about her?
She is Wonder Women / MOM!
Well she is the reason I'm the person I am today!
(only the good parts not the bad)
She has taught me so much and is such a great example to me. 
  And my most bosom friend.
Together we are kindred spirits! ;)
(what movie is that from mom??)

We stitched her Hudson's hand and gave it to her in a frame. 
(It may have given me carpal-tonal thou? But... it was worth it!) 

This is what my boys gave me for mother's day.
(which I probable don't need but whatever it mother's day)
Krave Gift card,
And the best present everrrrrrr 
A Photo-booth  strip of the two most handsom guys ever!
(I loved it. It was so clever and thoughtful!)
Thanks chris and HP!

April late update!

Uncle Casey came down to visit and came to our house . 
We love when uncle Cas comes over.

A little play time with Grandma LADY.......

{Excuse the no makeup momma!}
when my mom came over to play I told her that I wanted to take a few picture of her! 
I couldn't believe she agreed to it. 
If anyone knows my mother at allll you would know that this lovely lady does NOT like to have her pictures taken.  
I don't know why? 
Cause she is roc-kin.  
{As a one of my girlfriends said.}
"she's Roc-kin!"
Lady don't get mad that I posted these pictures on here!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Border!


My Brother last July competed in the LA Light Heavy weight Body Building computation.
We wanted to go down and support him soo bad, but things just kept coming up.
So when my mom was randomly surfing the internet this last Saturday she just so happened to come across my Big Broder( aka brother) picture how crazy is that??
So I thought about him.
I guess this is my little way of supporting him!
And saying good job but Please don't do it again MR. HAPPY PANTS!

We are so proud of him.
I never knew how hard it is and was to do a Body Building computation..
It takes so much time, dedication, discipline and being grumpy too.
If you were to look at him you would think he was hard and scarey but truly my Big Broder is a softy threw and threw with a few rough edges!
Love you BIG BRODER!
PS. I don't know what is up with his hair.
I have one thing to say about his hair and that is, I should have been there!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

xxxxxxx Sandwich Kiss xxxxxxxx

Happy Sunday everyone!

This is what I call a sandwich kiss!
And they're delicious to!!
My mom and I love giving these to Hudson!