Friday, April 29, 2011

One year prettier and wiser to Happy Birthday to you!

It was this lovely lady's Birthday this month!
Hudson and I brought the Birthday girl her favorite drink DIET MOUNTAIN DEW and
a cute balloon!!!!Hudson loved Grandma Lady's Balloon.
Grandma clipped the balloon to the back of Hudson's pants,
and he thought that was pretty nifty!

These two lovely lady's are my BFF'S!

Then we went to dinner with the Birthday Girl.
her choice!
Applebee's we had sooo much fun laughing and giggling our hearts out!

Lady thank you for always being there for me and
being my best friend you mean the world to me.
I learn so much from you!
Your are such a strong and amazing person and a awesome grandma and mom.
You light up everyone's life!
{ That's why everyone wants you to be their friend}
You are special and I love you!

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erica said...

happy happy birthday sandra!!