Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have been a little crazy busy trying to get my scrapbook book done,
before the flat rate sale was over!
I did get it done, Yeah!
It comes this week.
It's a 12x12 book with a 100 pages.
I got the book for $30.00. That's wright 30.00!!!
So excited.
When it would normally cost around $180.00!
"Need I say more!!"
I have seen what it looks like and they are a great quality, the only thing about putting it in a book and not in a binder with sheet protectors is that I have to make sure I do them chronological order and not out of order like I like to do sense I have ADD, and that's what works best for me. But I wont be doing that for the next scrapbook!
Because that really messed me up having to stay awake for insane amounts of time
to make sure I had every thing in order!


Unknown said...

WOWZAS!!!! YOU go girl! I haven't scrapped since I had Dylan! sad but true. Your pages are darling!! I so wanna see your book! I am just hoping to catch up on my blog someday so i can print that out cuz obviously with 3 kids, preschool, photos, family, life, etc etc, scrapping is not getting done. I miss you!! I am thinking about gettin my nails done soon, so I will call ya fo sho! Let's get together tho too! Miss you! Oh and HP is DARLING!!!!

Unknown said...

oops...i guess im on Jareds account!!! Sorry! haha, its Brandi:)

Melissa said...

Look at you! I'm so proud!!! :) I want to see your book!! Bring it to scrap night Friday! :)