Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A little Merry Christmas.........

Megan, Ashley & Ayden made some Ginger bread cookies and
surprised our little Family with them.
They were really good! And Very Cute.
But I think what was the cutest thing was when I heard some one out side my door say "k" ...
Say "Merry Christmas."
It was so cute.
Megan is going to be the best little mommy when she and Cam decided
to have kids of their own,
But right now Meg is almost a full time mommy,
a very good one at that and a very busy one too.


Was a little different for My family, but we made the best of it.
Chris' family's Thanksgiving was good.
Jan did a wonderful job setting it up.
It always looks good, she does such a cute job.
HP and Brin were the Entertainment.
One of them was always making us laugh!
( can you just tell)!
HP was yelling at the basketball, while Brinley was trying everyone's shoes on, but...
I think the snazziest shoes were her dad's shoes.
(looking good Brinley)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So I'm still stuck in November.
Before I can say Merry Christmas, (at least in my blog world).
I need to catch up with Novembers pic.
Soo until then here is a little update of my brother in-law Connor.
We took his senior pictures this last weekend.
I just have to say "He can work the camera", he knew exactly what to do.
He was very workable anything I wanted him to do he was up for .
Not a lot of guys his age would have said "What ever you want me to do I will do it"!
He did have one exception.... running threw water.
I don't know why?????? lol.
But here is my very cute and one of my favorite brother in-law senior pictures.
Thanks Connor for being such a awesome kid!