Monday, June 28, 2010


These are Megan's Bridals!
Wow I can't believe my little sissy is married! She looked sooo pretty in her dress,
it fit her like a glove!

She is so Gorgeous.

Hudson started doing this new thing with his tongue. It made us laugh soo hard!
He is always doing funny things!

This is what happens when I leave Hudson home with Dadda! He ends up looking like bubble butt boy!

So they finally tied the knot!
With a lot of help from my Mom's Groupie Friends, Athella and Aunt Lulu!
It wouldn't have happen!
They are the sweetest girls!
They helped out with the whole thing soooooo much.
I don't think we could thank them enough.
I will need to post more picture of the decoration when I get them!

1 comment:

Leslie said...

what a beautiful bride!
I love the cake!
And I LOVE Hudson's bubble butt--made me laugh out loud!